Why Coworking Spaces In New York Just Might Be Future Workers’ Greatest Assets


There just might be coming a day soon when offices and cubicles become a thing of the past. Well, offices in the traditional sense of the word. Because now many millennials entering the workforce are starting to use what’s called coworking spaces or shared office space. Many coworking spaces do have private offices included that can be rented for higher prices, but most people are all right with working in open spaces in lounges or café-style setups since it’s cheaper and allows them communicate with those around them. New York is one place where coworking spaces are starting to really take off since it’s a major city and a New York shared office space provides a real opportunity for people to start business networking.

One benefit to using coworking spaces is that many of them don’t have leases that come with the rent. You simply signup during the months that you want access to the facility and pay for that month, but you can terminate your use any time. Also most coworking spaces have high speed reliable internet, compared to the more slow versions you get with residential internet, and they also usually come with office equipment and mail service to make people’s jobs easier. One reason why coworking spaces are becoming preferable to working at home is that having people around creates less feelings of isolation, and you can have 24/7 access to the building as compared to a library or coffee shop.


One great New York shared office space facility is Workville. This facility is located in the heart of Manhattan, and it’s not hard to get to via public transportation going either to Times Square or Wall Street. Workville is a luxury company with furnished offices to rent, and all the amenities including high-grade Wi-Fi, printing machines, coffee makers, and around-the-clock cleaning service. At this New York shared office space you can work during the day, but also reserve conference rooms, host parties and functions, or catch a breath of fresh air out on the terraces. To find out more about Workville, you can go to www.workvillenyc.com.