Who is Greg Secker and What Are His Accomplishments

Greg Secker is a man who juggles many hats. Aside from being a father, he is a philanthropist, international public speaker, and financial trading expert. He has been doing all of these since he left his job at Thomas Cook, who was actually his first employer. At Thomas Cook, he was placed in charge of developing the first ever online trading platform, the Virtual Trading Desk. In order to do so, he had to work with trading experts. Besides, you cannot afford to have any discrepancies in this kind of platform. So, along the way, he had to pick up some lessons.

The Virtual Trading Desk was such a success that soon companies like Mellon Financial Corporation. It was during his tenure at the Mellon Financial Corporation that his desire to have his own trading platform was sparked. He remembers seating the whole day in front of huge screens and feeling that his time was underutilized. At this time, his job had already enabled him to build contacts with master traders and he himself was almost perfect at it.

Therefore, he took the risk and decided to begin his own platform in his apartment. So, he would work at Mellon and when he was not working there, he was making his platform. He stayed with Mellon until his platform had made enough money to allow him quit. With time, it was such a huge success that he was able to form Knowledge to Action Group, which is an umbrella of a group of companies that aim to teach people about the tricks of trading.

With his companies, Greg Secker is able to make it easy for people who are first getting into the trading scene. He hopes that with the education, he will be teaching people how to fish instead of giving them fish. In this way, he is making business as well as giving back to the society. His education programs also have the purpose of helping other entrepreneurs be successful in the trading industry.