What Makes Tony Petrello Stand Out

The aim of every professional or entrepreneur is to rise up the ranks of leadership and excel both economically and socially. Tony Petrello is currently living his dream. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Besides, he serves as the President and also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Petrello is a legal professional with a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School, a Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science in Mathematics from the Yale University.

Antony Petrello has spanned a remarkably successful career. He has made a great milestone through tangible positive changes within the firm. His stint at Nabors started when he secured the position of the Chief Operating Officer of the company and then made his way up the ranks to be the Deputy Chairman. He did not hold the position for so long before he was promoted to be the President.

Before joining the Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello had started out his career journey at Baker and McKenzie Law Firm as a Managing Partner. Here, he majored in corporate taxes among other business-related legal areas. Besides, he has also held senior positions with various organizations like the Stewart & Stevenson, Texas Children’s Hospital, and MediaOnDemand.com.

At Nabors, Tony Petrello exhibited aggressiveness and invested heavily in the petroleum industry. As a result, the firm expanded, and it now provides drilling services, performance tools, and up-to-date drilling technologies throughout the global gas and oil markets. The company is a world leader, and it is focusing on the transformation of the entire petroleum industry.

At the helm of the reputable firm, Antony Petrello is in charge of numerous key roles and has played a significant part towards the attainment of the company goals. As the Chairman and the CEO of the firm, he earned a total of more than $27 million in 2015. Of these, $16,863,656 was allotted to stock; $7,727,000 as a bonus; $1,580, 077 was received as a salary; and $1,342,206 as other types of compensation. Tony’s success has amazes many especially his close associates and college mates whose achievements are not comparable. To know more click here.

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