Venezuelan Opposition Fed Up with Nicolas Maduro

When Hugo Chavez passed out in 2013, Nicolas Maduro could feel as a lucky man who took over the Presidency. Since then, things in Venezuela have been getting increasingly worse. The big drop in oil prices has led to budget deficits, and was magnified by economic mismanagement.
No wonder many citizens aren’t happy with their president. According to Anadolu Agency, the Venezuelan opposition has collected over one million signatures for a referendum proposal to remove President Maduro from the office.

But, to remove him according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez, the opposition needs more than 7.5 million votes. The recent polls indicate Maduro’s popularity standing at 25%. At the same time, there’s very strong sentiment against him- more than 70% want the man out.

The reason: severe recession caused by economic mismanagement. Maduro isn’t the only man to blame. His predecessor, Hugo Chavez, started spending as if there was no tomorrow. Things would hold out a bit longer if the oil didn’t drop so much. Now, Manuel Gonzalez said that the current president is both an accomplice and a scapegoat.