Utopia in the Modern World

In an equal state there is no need for worry about stereotyping or for bias to take place. Unfortunately this Utopian society does not exist; it is a fantasy world created from fictional minds in order to entertainment the hopes of readers. The real world is filled with unequal treatment and unfair shifts in morality. In order to try and fight against these issues in the United States and to offer better investment and financial deals to individuals who identify themselves as being members of minority groups, David Osio and his company, Davos Financial Group, seeks to reform the status qou and make America more accommodating for everyone.

David Osio is from an interesting background in Venezuela, where he studied hard and earned a degree in law. Practicing his trade in his home country, Osio was able to quickly understand the importance of equality and the rights of individuals from every background and social position. Thinking that he could do a lot of good Osio moved to Miami, Florida, where he began to develop and form Davos Financial Group in 1993.

Osio planned on using Davos Financial as a hub for Hispanic Americans to hire in order to represent them in regards to financial decisions. Such important topics as housing prices, whether or not to try and receive a loan for beginning a small business, and of course different options for investment opportunities are only a number of financial decisions that Osio and his firm offers advice for. Do to their aggressive way of handling deals, Davos Financial Group is able to become the voice of their clients and assist them in finding equal ground in a country that does not seem them normally as equals when it comes to financial responsibility or position.

The work that Osio and Davos Financial Group has done has allowed Hispanic Americans to know that regardless of what position in life they may perceive to have they will always have someone to stand up for them. Equal rights has not yet completely appeared for these citizens but thanks to Osio the bright sun of prosperity and togetherness is just around the corner and much can be thanked for something of this caliber.