U.S. Money Reserve Implores Users to Try Out Its Fresh Website and Coin Catalogue

Money Reserve has announced the release of its new and highly improved website, USMoneyReserve.com, according to an article on PR Newswire. The fresh website is a true reflection of its industry leadership status in the precious metals sector. The newly included features speak volumes of the company’s core values of deep commitment and trust to offer better-quality customer service. The new online design showcases impressive photographs of the brand’s distinguished and notable leader, Philip N. Diehl, the former U.S. mint director and present U.S. Money Reserve president. It also features a beautiful gallery showcasing the new coins. The redesigned website seeks to educate consumers on the various benefits of having the government-issued bullion as well as boost the experience of buying precious metals using gold coins.






According to Ryan Buchanan, the VP of brand and creative, U.S. Money Reserve now has a fully receptive tool to generate great content on all platforms and interact with clients. It will also offer clients access to the best precious metal goods in the world via its protected online storefront. Buchanan was in charge of overseeing the whole redesign process as well as implementing the fresh features and applications aimed at enlightening the consumers and simplify the purchase process of bullions.



Live Competitive Pricing



As an expanding online shop, it offers great live viable pricing on bars, gold and silver bullion. The U.S. Money Reserve further presents PCGS qualified coins and other special products for the shrewd precious metal buyers. Customers have the option of signing up for gold information stuff at no cost or visit the site’s knowledge center for current information. The information contains recent news on precious metals as well as terms associated with grading, minting and buying. Customers can gain access to the most recent updates on the precious metals marketplace on the Full Headline Gold News Room.



Client Connect Advantage



Money Reserve can now contact its clients easily via the Client-Connect Advantage for safe online transactions, one-to-one consultations, exceptional offline releases and purchasing assistance. Its BuyBack Guarantee is among the best available return policies in this industry as it refunds the full amount on qualified coin orders at the current values within 30 days. It is paired to one of the swiftest indemnified shipping methods available and fresh programs e.g. the Gold Standard IRA.



About U.S. Money Reserve


U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by veterans in the gold market who recognized the need for combining quality customer service, trustworthy guidance and professional market knowledge necessary when buying the precious metals. It ranks as the leading distributor of government issued silver, platinum and gold coins. A lot of clients across the U.S. rely on it to diversify all their assets with precious metals in the form of silver and gold coins.