The World of Architecture –American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in New York in 1857 by a group of thirteen architects. AIA is a professional organization that was created for architects members in the United States. The body is headquartered in Washington D.C. and is currently headed by Robert Ivy who serves as the vice president and CEO of the company. What’s more, the American Institute of Architects supports emerging profession and sponsors architecture education besides helping architects maintain their licensure.

Currently, the AIA heads in the professional membership organization for all architects and young professionals in the field of architecture. Again, the firm chiefly carries out its objectives through information, government advocacy and community development. Besides, AIA strives to reach out to the public in a quest to improve the architecture occupation and also improve its public image.

The Current CEO of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy heads the AIA which currently has 250 chapters and more than 90000 members registered architects. He is a graduate of the University of the South where he did a Bachelor of Arts in English and holds a master’s degree in Architecture from the Tulane University. Equally important Robert ivy’s background career is in media publication of architectural record where he worked as an editor. The CEO is an award-winning media personality in the field of journalism and has won numerous awards for his architectural publication.

Moreover, in March 2010, the national architecture named Robert Ivy as ‘the master architect’ and unanimously voted for him as the CEO in 2011 for his success in the communication of the value of architecture design. With Robert at the helm, the AIA has transformed and repositioned itself from its rich legacy to one that is proactive, influential, and responsive organization. Better still; the primary goal embraced by the organization has been to heighten public awareness of the value of all architects. Learn more about Robert Ivy at Steel Institute of New York

Furthermore, since Robert Ivy took over, he has worked to strengthen the association by education, advocacy, and public outreach initiatives so that members can serve the community better. Also, AIA has since incorporated a model that plays an integral role in public health and providing disaster relief solution. AIA has done this by ensuring that buildings designed help the community with some form of exercises to reduce some diseases such diabetes and heart disease. This includes planning buildings that have stairs, access to sunlight, clean water, and fresh air. In addition, AIA has embarked on designing recreational space and parks instead of having substandard housing. Read this article: