The Madness Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere is not only known for her quirky personality, breaking of fashion rules, and vibrant outward appearance, but is also known for her female entrepreneurship. With so many brands in existence, it is no easy feat creating and maintaining a makeup brand in such a competitive field, but the Russian-born beauty seems to do so with ease. What are her secrets, and what makes Lime Crime so successful?

The Utilization of Age-Old Passions

As a girl, Doe always had a passion for colors and art as a hobby. An appreciation for all kinds of colors adorning her clothes, and even her face and body can be attributed to her current position. In fact, the Queen of Unicorns stated that makeup is only a small portion of her colorful world.

Trial and Error

Did you know that Deere claims to be pretty terrible at makeup–especially as a child? She shared with the public that she and her friends would do each other’s makeup at slumber parties, and the joke among them was how terrible Deere was at application. Improving by her early twenties, Deere enjoyed posting experimental makeup looks online to ask the public for their opinion.  In fact, she continues to do so on her official blog.

An Appreciation for Fans

Well, they are more appreciative of the term, “Unicorns,” but alas, Lime Crime is all about their fans. Designed as a means for self-expression, the company uses that concept in every aspect of their business. In fact, their social media pages and homepage itself allows for Unicorns across the globe to share their looks, ideas, and reasons for loving the company and their Queen. By staying in sync with the company, fans are able to feel part of its purpose and general success, which improves customer satisfaction and even the satisfaction of the CEO.  Check out Lime Crime on their Facebook, and make sure to follow them on Tumblr as well.