Strong Leadership of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects or AIA was created in 1875 with headquarters in Washington, D. C. It is a Professional organization for architects of the United States of America. The American Institute of Architects provides more than 90 000 members with a variety of services such as education, community redevelopment, government advocacy, as well as public outreach to improve the image of the profession and support it.

The Institute was first founded in New York City by a medium-sized group of 13 men who had dedicated their lives to the architect profession. Their goal was to make the profession be regarded as a more prestigious one as well as to attract more people taking it up. The first president of The American Institute of Architects was Richard Upjohn. The group decided in a meeting to start the growth of the The American Institute of Architects by inviting 16 prominent architects such a Thomas U. Walter and Alexander Jackson Davis, among others. The American Institute of Architects was a revolutionary establishment as before if there had been no schools or regulations for people claiming to be of the profession. The Institute, however, created laws and started a new period for the architect profession. Visit this website at  about AIA

Up to date, the leader of The American Institute of Architects is Mr. Robert Ivy who has been the Executive Vice President and Chief executive officer of the establishment. He received his higher education from the Sewanee- the University of the South where he studied from 1965 til 1969 and completed it with a bachelor’s degree in English. After that, he started attended the Tulane University in 1973 and graduated three years later with a master’s degree in Architecture.

In 1981, Robert Ivy took up the position as principal and critic for a number of national publications and worked the job until 1996 when he was appointed as Editor in Chief of the Architectural Records. He assisted in the growth of the business, and so the architectural journal became famous around the world. After that, Mr. Robert Ivy started working at the company McGraw Hill Construction Media as its Editorial Director and Vice President. The publication included more than five journals and magazines such as HQ Magazine, The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Architectural Record: China, and more. He established an excellent career in the industry. Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter for more updates.

Over the next years, Mr. Robert Ivy received a vast number of awards in recognition of his professional achievements as a leader and innovator. The journal he was working for received the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence which is an impressive feat as journal rarely earn such honors. The Architectural Record later started receiving dozens of awards and recognitions under Mr. Robert Ivy’s leadership.

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