‘Sting’ on Soros Turn Out to be a Flop

Infamous activist for conservative causes and politics, James O’Keefe attempted recently to name and shame billionaire philanthropist George Soros as connected to a nefarious organization. But O’Keefe’s attempt at a surreptitious sting was undermined by leaving his phone on.

O’Keefe’s call to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations was recorded when he left a message with an unidentified receptionist. He’s identified himself “Victor Kesh” and successfully made contact, but the phone call continued. Oblivious to O’Keefe, the call continued because he failed to disconnect the call from his end.

Dana Geraghty was the one who had received the call from “Kesh” when he contacted the Open Society Foundation to provide support in any way for what the organization could do in fighting in defense of “European Values.” This si something he expressed after “Kesh” disclosed his fictitious nationality as Hungarian-American, clearly making a not-so subtle allusion to Soros’ Hungarian origins.

Geraghty was then reportedly asked for the contact information of someone more senior in the organization so “Kesh” could continue to build some kind of patronage with the organization before seemingly ending the call. However, O’Keefe can be heard continuing to speak on the other end of the call, speaking to others and telling them to remain quiet until he terminated the call. At this point, discussions continued on O’Keefe’s end for an approximate 10 minutes as he and his team continued to explore plans they had for the Open Society Foundations.

O’Keefe’s purported plans were to flood the organization with “a hundred phone calls like that” to subject them to some humiliation. And it seemed his ambitions lied with Gareghty, who O’Keefe looked up online while the phone call was still ongoing. He told his team members that she would be their point of infiltration in to the organization.

Though shocked that she was being targeted by O’Keefe and his team for some portion of his plan, Geraghty was quick to point out that they did not sound too competent or acquainted with the search engine they were using to try and locate her.
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The recording was passed up the chain to Chris Stone, Open Society Foundations’ President, who had nothing but ridicule for O’Keefe’s attempts to shame the organization. In an interview with The New Yorker, Stone was bemused at O’Keefe’s incompetence and inability to even handle the complexities of a basic web browser. However, he stressed the importance of the organization and how organizations trying to undermine the importance of advocating for human rights has real-world consequences.

George Soros fled his native Hungary in 1947 during Soviet occupation. Eventually, Soros made a home for himself in the United States. Working through several firms, and i time opening and managing his own office, Soros prospered in investing and eventually became one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Aside from his professional career, George Soros has become equally famous for his philanthropy. Through the Open Society Foundations, Soros has fought for human rights and government transparency in over 100 countries since 1979.
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