Securus Technologies’ Role in Preventing Crimes and Upholding Public Safety

Securus Technologies has greatly contributed to revolutionizing the incarceration environment and improving public safety. The firm is a leading player in the civil and criminal justice system where it provides technology solutions for modernizing the incarceration experience while upholding public safety. Consequently, Securus Technologies provides high-tech software solutions to clients using innovations from its highly skilled team of engineers, designers, technologists, and thinkers.


Services Offered


Having committed itself to offering technology solutions for enhancing public safety, Securus Technologies has hundreds of patents to its name. The firm’s secure, simple and powerful innovative solutions aid in connecting inmates to their family and friends, connecting personnel in correctional facilities to information critical in preventing and solving crimes, and connecting inmates to technology. Additionally, Securus Technologies also offers solutions that aid in connecting the dots during the investigation process, and connecting emergency responders to those who need such help. All these services have been possible by the firm’s commitment to serve while offering the best customer service in the industry.


Customer Satisfaction


Customer service is at the core of all solutions offered by Securus technologies. Consequently, the firm’s clients acknowledge the positive impact it has had on how they perform their duties. One customer reports that if for no other reason, it would continue seeking services from Securus Technologies for its LBS Software, which works very well with Investigator Pro to make the company the leading provider of jail phone services in the industry. Another customer says that using the same software, it was able to recover millions in illegal assets, cash money, and drugs by easing the process of the recovery. Securus Technologies solutions have also come in handy in helping another customer reduce the incidence of contraband in another facility. The company is confident that the future of corrections industry will grow in time.