Sahm Adrangi and Investment

A former colleague of Sahm Adrangi, at Longacre, spoke to journalists about investment. This Hedge fund analyst at GNC was an intern at ‘Merrill Lynch’s credit desk’. He worked at the company for three years after his internship elapsed. At the company he traded credit until he left for Longacre, where he met Sahm Adrangi. At this hedge fund his was to continue as a credit trading professional.

Later, he would move on to ‘Paulson & Co and then to ‘Bowery Investment Management’ as a credit PM. After all this work and the fact that he loved trading, he made a decision to vacate Wall Street given the ever increasing cost of life and the grueling work required at his job. Though he quit his day job, he still loves the trading, but opts to now enjoy the fruits of the investments he has made over the years working at the NYC.

Sahm Adrangi

Adrangi works as Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is the company’s founder and the CIO at the same time. All the development related aspects of the company have been dear to Sahm Adrangi since the company opened its doors in 2009. Sahm is recognized for being able to short many Chinese companies that were deep in fraud. These companies were later investigated by the ‘securities and exchange’ commission.

It was at ‘Deutsche Bank’ that the illustrious career of Sahm Adrangi’s started. He would then move to Langacre where he became a management analyst. At Deutsche bank he was in leverage finance. Longacre, a well oiled hedge fund was involved in the business of distressed debt. Sahm ‘Bachelors in Economics’ was from the prestigious American University: Yale University.

Skill Set

Sahm Adrangi is well rounded in terms of skill set. He is an exposed portfolio manager. At the same time Sahm is good at analysis of emerging markets and can also give guidance on capital markets. He is also versed in alternative investments and also ‘fixed income investments’. Sahm is also a shrewd hedge fund manager. He has experience in equities and can also handle mutual funds. He is also a seasoned valuer and a business leader of admirable standing.

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