Rocketship Education: Scaling the Heights of Education

Education is a universal language that transverses race, culture, and physical boundaries. In as much as this is true, the quality of education varies from one school and education system to another. One institution that is committed to ensuring that its education system is the best in the whole world is Rocketship United Academy.

At Rocketship Academy, education is carried out with utmost discipline and dedication to excellence. This institution strongly believes in the culture of gratitude. Gratitude resides within every member of the institution right from the teachers, staff, and the students. In addition to this virtue, the school has five more virtues of which four of these attributes are picked the school management while the parent picks the fifth virtue. The four virtues picked by the institution are; empathy, responsibility, persistence, and respect. To say the least, Rocketeers live, eat, and sleep these values. Doing this has helped the scholars grow and thrive peacefully within their communities even exceeding the expectations bestowed upon them by the community.

To encourage parents’ participation in school activities, Rocketship Academy has reserved the fifth core value choice to parents and teachers. The core value, however, needs to be a representation of the school’s mission and values. Ideally, the virtue can be anything positive in nature from bravery to service in the community. This is not the only way that parents are involved in school activities. Since the teachers who are involved in teaching students play a major role in the kids’ lives, Rocketship through its 13 schools has allowed parents have a say in the recruitment of teachers. In this school system, parents have a say on the teacher that gets to teach their children.

The choice of school for your children is very important to their growth and development. Without any reasonable doubt, Rocketship Academy is one of the perfect choices for a school. In addition to excellent results, the school has capacities of bringing out the best in every student. Although there are limited opportunities available for everybody to benefit from the school, Rocketship Academy is worth trying out.