Richard Blair Plans To Arm Texans With Financial Knowledge

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions offers top services to his clients in the Austin, Texas area by protecting and managing their assets. Mr. Blair is a resourceful partner to have; as founder of Wealth Solutions he is extremely experiences and is more than qualified for the job, with numerous certifications including RICP, CFS, CAS, and CES.

His company Wealth Solutions is a Texas-based investment advisory firm, operating as a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Mr. Blair runs his company through his belief that every person deserves and needs a solid financial plan that lets them pursue each and every one of their goals. With this belief, he plans on arming each citizen in the Austin area with the tools they need to accomplish these goals, through retirement planning and wealth management services.

Richard Blair’s company has become successful partly due to its amazing three-pillar approach to business. These pillars allow Wealth Solutions to not only discover the client’s financial situation, but also their financial needs and a customized plan to reach their goals.

The first pillar is designed to create a complete lay out of the client’s financial roadmap. This pillar allows Wealth Solutions to identify their client’s goals, strengths, and opportunities for growth. Blair believes that by understanding where a client comes from, it is easier to help them create a plan to follow.

The second pillar involves developing a client’s long-term strategy that will allow them to meet their needs and goals. Each plan is customized to the client’s needs and goals. Richard Blair works hard to manage the client’s assets to ensure the best performance of their portfolio, while also reducing any impact to the client’s investments during any negative market periods.

The third pillar is based off of the client’s insurance needs. After establishing the client’s goals and the strategies needed to meet their goals, Mr. Blair does his best to meet their long-term care, life insurance, and annuity needs.

After graduating from college, Richard Blair immediately entered the financial industry in 1993. Just one short year later, he branched out on his own to create the independent firm, Wealth Solutions. Mr. Blair had the strong desire to give personalized and professional advice to clients in an unbiased atmosphere. Due to his exposure to the world of education as a child, Richard Blair has always been passionate about helping others’ confidence grow through knowledge. Combine that with his natural talent for finance and it is easy to see why he has become one of the very best in the industry.