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Keeping the Standards High with David McDonald

Food processing is different now than it was even a decade ago. Modern technology allows different methods to be used, making food fresh and more accessible than ever before. Work in hospitality industry and catering means that the quality has to be very high. Health and safety need to be able to trust companies who supply products that can cause serious health issues if they are not kept properly. OSI Group works hard to ensure that their standards are high, but they also want to inspire other companies to be the same.

One of the companies that changed the way food processing works is OSI group. Their offices in China are not more than 20 years old, and the first place they began serving in China was McDonald’s. The company has been around since the 20s of the last century, but their growth in China happens together with the Chinese economy. Through the years they have learned new techniques and opened more distribution centers around the world.

The captain of this ship is David McDonald and he is very proud of the difference the company makes in food processing. The company supplied food for the Beijing Olympic Games. It included meat, eggs, and onions. They did not receive any complaints about their services, and that was one of the most important feedbacks. OSI Group supplied big chains such as Papa John’s and Burger King. They also provide Starbucks and Subway. Food quality standards are essential for everybody who works at the OSI Group and especially David McDonald.

China is one of the biggest markets out there for food processing companies. It is a smart move to make progress into the market and expand the base of operations to the east. It also is a large customer base that will be receptive to newcomers who introduce high standards into keeping the food quality high.

This was just the first step for David McDonald and OSI Group, and they have since decided to expand the base of operations further. Opening new processing plants is not only a good way to grow the business, but also include the local communities. For more info about us: click here.

David McDonald is proud of being a part of a company that offers jobs and strengthens ties to people because it improves the local infrastructure and allows communities to band together while creating something that will last for years to come. It is even greater than before.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Putting the Heat on Amazon

There are not too many companies out their today that can really make Amazon concerned. In fact, if you look at the online apparel market, Amazon sits comfortably at the top with over 20 percent of the total sales each year. With thousands of competitors trying to climb over each other just to get a share of the scraps left behind by Amazon, it appears one company has in fact found a winning formula and is breaking free from the group with their eyes on Amazon.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has gotten so big so fast, that they have already sold $250 million in the online apparel niche in 36 months, and things only appear to be heating up.


When Hudson was questioned about what is the winning formula that allowed her company to separate themselves from the pack and ride right on the heels of Amazon, her answer was her membership perks and the reverse showrooming sales practice. To see these two techniques in action, you don’t need to look at numbers or take to the company accountant, just drive to the local mall and walk inside the Fabletics retail shop. This where you see countless women applying for their free membership, trying on all the new arrivals, window-shopping, and even taking the company Lifestyle Quiz. Since Hudson says there is no pressure to buy, many leave the store empty-handed.


With customers encouraged to browse and no pressure to buy, how did Kate Hudson’s Fabletics do $250 million in sales?


Part of the appeal of this athleisure brand is the way you shop, not just the high quality of the merchandise. Women are encouraged to try on the apparel in the mall stores because Hudson knows they will eventually return to shop online when they don’t have to be in such a hurry or when they are done doing all those stressful things that make up their days. Now that they are members, every piece of apparel that was tried-on at the store is uploaded to the customer’s account profile cart.


Unlike the experience at Amazon where you browse online and hope things fit or you return them, once you shop at the Fabletics online site, you know those items fit your body perfectly.


So the real secret to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a combination of convenience, pricing, free shipping, and high-quality merchandise. Since shoppers took that Lifestyle Quiz, they now have their own personal shopping assistant who will pick an item each month and drop in the shopping cart for their consideration too.

How Netpicks Ensures Sound Learning And Trading

Today’s financial success is profoundly embedded on sound investing. Luckily, investment ventures in the present days have no limit, and it is not surprising to come across a serial investor with direct association with numerous companies. The key to this success is highly reliant on the favorable prediction of the investment market. Hence, having an investment adviser at your beck and call is a prudent move. Unfortunately, our tomorrow is uncertain and unprecedented circumstances can arise. How can it happen? Well, it has been witnessed, and all the investors are left to do is accept their fate. Nevertheless, Netpicks trading strategies are known to have been crafted to optimize returns even when the market is on the downside.  Read more trading tips here on

Summer months are known to usher in shifting markets. Market players have taken note of this, and it is no longer a shocker for their investment plans. Even with this knowledge in mind, investors still pump their money into the investment system. Their activities are undeterred irrespective of the irregular seasons in the market. Nonetheless, the belief is undergoing an unusual change at the expense of the investor due to the variation in nature of the market.

For this reason, investors are getting cold feet. We have witnessed the pulling out of finances from investment projects, which is causing disarray in the market. Fortunately, proactive strategies have been brought forth to try and repair the damage experienced during this period, for instance, the lock and walk strategy.  Learn additional tips from this useful link.

The strategies are directed towards gaining profits from the changing market. They have been tested and approved in the past have worked out incredibly well and delivering bountiful returns to investors. For maximum yields, these approaches must be followed to the letter and investors must adhere to the set rules. The success of the strategies in these down markets largely depends on the fact that they operate smartly to cushion investors.  Helpful info available here, click on

Netpicks is a provider of trading education. It was founded in 1996 to help consistent traders realize success in the market. It has its headquarters in Irving, Texas, and it is graced with vastly experienced professionals. The firm has been in active operation in trade and trading education for well over 25 years and 17 years respectively.

Netpicks is passionate about the trade. It is comprised of traders who know very well what it means to be on the highs and lows in the market. In turn, they are the perfect people to orient you on your journey to safe trade. Besides, they ensure that you reach your trading goals irrespective of the trading system you fancy. For knowledgeable learning and trading, Netpicks is certainly the best.  Watch and learn from this informative link.

Netpicks Help Investors Make Profits during Unstable Markets Period

Wall Street market has changed radically, and this is, as a result of the sector’s selloff. Currently, there is a degree of nervousness contrary to the earlier days, where the investors used to consider the market unstoppable. The dramatic change in the sentiment offers an opportunity for variable market during the summer months. Although the unstable market is usual during the low-volume summer months, the material change makes the chances even higher.

Getting Maximum Results from the Choppy Market

Some strategies are designed to get the return from unstable markets atmosphere. THOMAS H. KEE JR. has been working on preemptive strategies since January 2000. One of the known strategies is the “Lock and Walk” which has seen investors profit from the past choppy markets. Lock and Walk are designed to trade the Ultrashort ProShares when resistance and support and respect resistance levels and support in the Nasdaq 100 NDX.

Putting “Lock and Walk” Into A Function

  • Target resistance to selling if support is tested by QLD
  • Sell QLD if support breaks
  • Target support to sell if resistance is tested by QLD
  • Sell QID if resistance breaks

For anyone who uses technical analysis to sell near resistance, buy near support and stop out if a support break is familiar with the rules. If the “Lock and Walk” strategy has 67 basis points in gains, it is intended to close and wait till the next trading operations to commence again. Its success is associated with investors not looking for long-term positions in the choppy market


The company was founded in 1996 when day trading and online trading emerged. It has reliably provided trading education. It deals with forex, futures, signals, ETFs, stocks, and options in swing trading and day trading. Netpicks focuses on regular traders by helping them achieve success.

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Netpicks has its headquarters in Irving, Texas, Mark Soberman. Its skilled staff of real trading brings a fortune of trading experience. It takes pride in personal trading experience for over two decades and over one decade experience in trading experience. Netpicks has helped a full staff of real traders who got investors trading goals at heart.  Start being connected, click on this.

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Brand New Recycling Center at Orange Coast College

There’s something new on the Costa Mesa campus of Orange Coast College this semester: a $7.5 Million dollar recycling center. The new center quadruples the space of the old center, up to 5 acres from just one. This move helps to expand a local recycling program that has been wildly successful and in operation for nearly half a century. More than a larger building, though, this new facility may very well help OCC expand on their programs in regard to what materials they are able to accept, pay locals for, and perhaps reduce the frequency with which the facility will need to ship out materials to be recycled. Learn more:


The new facility boasts a number of other upgrades, as well; shower facilities that will encourage employees to bicycle to work, classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and a first aid room. The cherry on top of the facility is that it makes use of all kinds of green energy sources like solar panels and LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption. OCC is going to peruse appropriate certifications for the building immediately.


Orange Coast College is the largest community college in Orange County, California with a total enrollment for Fall 2016 of approximately 25,000 students. The campus covers a total area of over 160 acres, and several different centers provide many different services to the residents of Orange County. Like many other community colleges in the United States, it was established after the Second World War using decommissioned armed services bases, and several of the military structures were re-used. Generally, OCC offers education in trades, remedial and transferable coursework, and a low-cost prerequisite coursework option for students to go on to a four year university at a reasonable cost.


OCC was recently in the news over a suspension of Caleb O’Neil, a student who recorded a lecture that criticized the President and Vice President’s election as an act of Terrorism. OCC suspended O’Neil for a semester over the recording, but after an large public outcry, the suspension was reversed. The Professor in question would go on to win the Faculty of the Year award for 2017.

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Meet Tony Petrello; the CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is one of the most successful people who have come from a humble family. Tony, the CEO of Nabors Industries has come from far, and he has made it through hard work and determination in life. He is an honest American, and on 2014 he was the most paid CEO in America. Tony believes in fairness, and he has been giving back to the society to assist the needy.

Tony was born and grew up in Newark, and he attended public schools as his parents were not that wealthy. Tony became famous in his home town as a result of having great mathematics abilities. Due to such skills, Tony received a scholarship from Yale University, and he was mentored by Professor Serge. He attained his bachelors and master’s degrees at Yale University, and he gained a lot of skill and knowledge from the institution.

After graduating from Yale University, Tony decided to enroll in Harvard Law School where he got a law degree. In 1979, Tony Joined Baker & McKenzie law firm where he worked until he met Nabors Industries, one of his clients. Nabors Industries were impressed by Tony’s services and efforts, and they decided to hire him as an executive business officer.

Nabors Industries is one of the largest oil and natural gas drilling which has dominated the drilling industry in America. Tony worked for nearly 30 years so that he can be the CEO of the firm. He worked hard to ensure the company was making maximum profit and he offered great leadership skills in his areas of supervision. In 2014, Tony was named the highest paid CEO, and this was as a result of his efforts and good work at Nabors Industries. He has helped the company grow through his long-term strategic plans and visions.

Anthony Petrello is married to Cynthia, who was his university girlfriend and they had a daughter in 1990 who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Carena, Tony’s daughter, could not eat anything solid until she was seven years and this made Tony offer help to children with neurological problems. He has been in the forefront in donating funds to hospitals and charity organizations. Tony also joined Texas Children’s Hospital board of trustees to enhance proper spending of the funds so that it can benefit the society.

It is evident that Tony Petrello achieved many things through hard work and intelligence. With good ethics at work and determination, Tony climbed up the ladder at Nabors Industries until he became the CEO of the big firm.

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New Investment Avenues with Netpicks

While technology has become part of our lives in almost all the spheres of life, in business, technological advancement has not been fully exploited. This can be attributed to the high risks involved in a virtual engagement where money and trust are not always used in the same sentence. In this regard, the opportunities thereof have not been fully exploited. Netpicks is one of the companies that have ripped a great reward in online trading and the company is trying to open the platform for many investors since the market can accommodate so many people. This is why Netpicks has been on the forefront trying to train investors on the new money making opportunities that the entire world has turned a blind eye on.  For helpful tips, click on this.

Netpicks is one of the major companies in the online trading business and according to the company’s training team there are so many ways for investors to make money online. Some of the very common but unexploited ways include trading in forex, stocks, options, and EFTs. To understand how to make money in these simple and low risk methods, the company has video tutorials posted on its YouTube channels as well as on its website where this information can be easily accessed. Founded in 1996, the company is based in Irving, Texas, where a host of credible trainers are located and their job is to inform and train investors on the practice they have learned for more than a decade.  More to learn from reading this article on

Additional learning from this informative article.

Training is quite comprehensive and it involves a follow up by the company’s representatives. Unlike many other companies in the industry that will train and leave you with the burden of finding out how things work on your own, Netpicks will guide you through the process and even in the actual investment process. The trainers are seasoned with a tested wealth of experience in the same trade and indeed the company is constituted by online traders in real life. Worried that your busy schedule may come in the way? Netpicks has it all in plan to offer you very flexible strategies that can fit into your schedule no matter how tight it may be.  Related article on

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NetPicks Helps People To Invest Smartly

NetPicks was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman. It provides trading education to those who are regular traders. It is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

The qualified staff at NetPicks provides the best trading experience to its clients. There is a range of services provided by this trading company. These include forex, stocks, as well as ETFs, Futures, besides Options. It provides tips on online trading. There are tutorials available for all their services. It has several videos that can be watched on the Youtube channel.

In this way, NetPicks is trying to educate people so that they can trade smarter in a shorter time. It provides three kinds of options in trading systems. People can choose what suits them best. It can be as a full-time career, or for getting part-time income or something that can be done within minutes.

NetPicks has simplified the entire process in such a way that people can simply select their goal, and the system will do the rest for them. This is a company that focuses on sustainable development of its clients. It knows that environmental degradation has to be reduced while advancing in technology. This is a company that is trying to strike a balance between them.  Learn more from them here.

NetPicks realizes that the current situation requires that the people must invest wisely while focusing on sustainable development. Hence there must be a wise investment that is socially responsible. This is why the company makes efforts to educate traders to invest in a manner that is socially responsible and sustainable.

ETFs refer to Exchange Traded Funds. These are just like mutual bonds. The process of trading these is different as they are managed passively. On the other hand, mutual bonds are managed actively.  Helpful info available on this related link.

A number of strategies have been identified for investing keeping the goal of sustainable development in mind. There are certain groups that are vital as they can maximize social value along with financial returns. Once these groups are understood well, it will lead to one of the best investment decision that has ever been made and utilized. In this way, NetPicks is doing its bit for the planet.  For the company details and timeline activities, hit on

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Rodrigo Terpins Shows His Skills In Motorsports

The Brazilian Terpins family have become well known for their business success with the patriarch of the family, Jack Terpins heading up the World Jewish Congress and showing his skills as an entrepreneur. Jack Terpins had another career earlier in his life as a successful basketball player who continued his love affair with the sport into his 70s. The latest generation of the Terpins family is continuing the business and sporting links the family has become known for, particularly in the case of Rodrigo Terpins who is making his way as a success in the motorsports sector.

A respected entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins has recently switched his focus to developing his off-road car racing career by taking part in Brazil’s largest rally. Competing in Brazil’s largest rally in the number 326 car, Terpins partnered with Fabricio Bianchini to lead his team to an overall finish of eighth. The overall finish of eighth was an impressive achievement for the fledgling driver, but Rodrigo also competed in a category for his car of the prototype T1 sector which is one of the most competitive in the rally; Terpins and Bianchini continued their success in their car category by finishing in a podium position that would lead to them becoming one of the most successful entrants in the 38 car field.

As with most sports, the team aspect of motorsports is not lost on Rodrigo Terpins as he has become a major supporter of the crew who made it possible for his car to reach the prototype T1 category. Terpins made clear his happiness with the team he has assembled and explained the large amount of equipment his team have assembled to provide support throughout the race made all the difference in their impressive results; Rodrigo Terpins explained he believed the performance of his team had, in his view, been perfect as the more than 2,000 miles long race had continued. Follow Rodrigo Terpins on Facebook

Rick Smith: Transforming the World of Communication

Securus Technologies is one of the largest telecommunications and technology corporations in the United States. The company focuses on providing correctional facilities with access to communication and other technological product that would enhance the security inside. The current chief executive officer of the company is Rick Smith, and his skills in leadership have taken the company into a whole new level. Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008, and through his hard work, he got promoted into his present position. The board of directors at Securus Technologies has seen a potential in him, and they unanimously chose him to be the next one to lead the company. Securus Technologies is known for their advanced communication products and computer software, and they have been partnering with several correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. Rick Smith has been a key figure in expanding the business overseas, and he is looking forward to see Securus Technologies being used all throughout the world. Rick Smith is also particular with the company’s patents and inventions.

It was reported that almost $600 million has been spent just to protect them. He has also transformed how Securus Technologies is doing their business. Presently, the company is offering four major solutions in order to maintain peace and security throughout the country. They have products which focus on public safety relations, investigative solutions, corrections solutions, and monitoring solutions.Public safety solutions include Securus XCAD, a computer software which quickly delivers the information needed for emergency calls; Securus XMOBILE, a mobile application which provides safety professionals with information on the go; and Securus XRMS, another mobile application which offers huge data storage and has the ability to retrieve critical information. Investigative Solutions include SECURUS THREADS, which provides investigators with information and data that was collected throughout the country.

It helps the investigators track someone using the software, or identify some information that would be helpful in investigations. Securus Technologies also have a handful of products for Corrections Solutions and Monitoring Solutions, which would provide communication options to inmates and at the same time, tightening the security inside the correctional facilities.Rick Smith has been actively participating on how to improve the products that are being released by Securus Technologies. He wanted to make sure that the products that they are releasing to the market would become helpful to the inmates and to the authorities. Their video calling technology has been considered to be one of the best in the market, and a lot of correctional facilities have already installed a video calling device inside the prison cells to be used by the inmates when calling their loved ones outside. Rick Smith promises that Securus Technologies would continue to deliver excellence in the field of technological development.