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Over the summer months, the consistency of trading usually slows down, so the trading market grows choppy. There are strategies, however, that can help investors and traders to keep up their momentum even during inconsistent times.

The choppiness of the trading market started after the selloff in the tech sector. That brought some nervousness around the stability of Wall Street which had not been seen before as the sentiment around Wall Street was one of confidence as it was viewed as unstoppable. While choppy summer times are not unheard of but after the selloff earlier this year, they have become more prominent.

Because of that emerges the question of keeping up the momentum. The answer to that is proactive strategies. There are a vast number f strategies that traders can learn and apply. One of them is called ”Lock and Walk” and from the name alone one can tell it involves decisive action which is what makes it proactive. It the past, this particular strategy has enjoyed success among traders, but it is a widespread knowledge that something as ever changing as trading will not yield the same result for the same strategy year after year.  Relevant article to read here.

The ”Lock and Walk” strategy has only a handful of simple rules or guidelines to follow. First off, target resistance should be sold if support is being tested by QLD, and if the support breaks than sell the QLD. If it is the resistance that is being tested by QLD that sell target support and it the resistance breaks, sell QLD. These rules are simple and familiar to people using technical analytics.  Learn from this article on

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As the trading market is growing rapidly, it is essential for traders to receive an education instead of going in blind and learning as they go.  Additional trading tips here.   NetPicks is one of the companies that has been around since the online trading market. NetPicks is dedicated to teaching and mentoring people of all backgrounds and levels of experience both through online resources and by mentoring one-on-one from one of the many full-time traders teaching at NetPicks. NetPicks has one of the largest libraries of resources.  Read an important review, hit on

Fagali’I Airport Upgraded Airport in Samoa With Modern Facilities

Fagali’I is a very beautiful village on an island named Upolu in the unitary parliamentary democracy and the independent state of Samoa. It is a village that is around five kilometers from the capital of Samoa named Apia. As per the 2006 Census, the population of Fagali’I is around 1,600. The nearest airport to Fagali’I Airport and one of the nearest attractions that are highly popular among the tourist is the Royal Samoa Golf Course. The airport was reopened in 2002 after a long period of closure. However, the Fagali’s Airport was decommissioned in 2005 due to safety concerns and due to the noise pollution caused in the surrounding areas. The airport was reopened in 2009 by the Polynesian Airlines, which runs the Fagali’I Airport. One of the services that were resumed after the Fagali’I Airport was reopened is the flight to Pago Pago, part of the American Samoa.

The operations of Fagali’I Airport and the news to reopen it are surrounded by criticism. It is because the operation of the airport had implications on the surrounding villages and the environment in general. Two of the airlines that operate from the Fagali’I Airport are Samoa Air and Polynesian Airlines. As per the IATA, the abbreviation of the Fagali’I Airport is FGI. Two other airlines that have recently started its operations at the Fagali’I Airport are Talofa Airways and South Pacific Island Airways.

The airports near Fagali’I Airports are Apia Faleolo Airport, Ofu Airport, Pago Pago Airport, Fitiuta Airport, and Niuatoputapu Airport. The Fagali’I Airport is equipped with the modern facilities and is upgraded recently to accommodate the requirements of the modern travelers. It only has one runway, and while it was only-grass runway earlier, it has now been converted to a proper tarmac. In recent years, the traffic to Fagali’I Airport has been increasing steadily as more and more people wish to come to Samoa Islands for vacation. Samoa is a part of the Commonwealth of Nations and has also been submitted to the United Nations. Fagali’I Airport plays a crucial role from the transit point of view and has become an accessible airport in the region.

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The OSI Group:A Food Industry Leader

The OSI Group is a food industry leader in the global production and distribution of meat, vegetable and dough products. Founded in 1909 in the Chicago area, the company headquarters is now located in Aurora, Illinois. The company’s CEO is Sheldon Lavin. Under his leadership, the OSI Group has grown from a family owned and operated company that provided meat for McDonald’s and restaurants and supermarkets in the U.S. into a premier global supplier of food products for retail food brand and foodservice companies. The company has branches in Asia, Europe and the United States.

The company creates value-added food products the meet the tastes and cultural nuances of customers in a wide range of countries. The OSI Group has facilities in more than 17 countries and employs local management teams that understand and are sensitive to the local tastes and cultures. The OSI Group is known for the scale and efficiency of their operations and commitment to providing effective services and solutions to the challenges they face in serving diverse markets. And the privately owned company continues to expand its customer base by purchasing companies like Baho Foods Flagship Europe.

The company has been operating in China for over 20 years. They have 8 facilities in the country and are on the verge of becoming China’s largest poultry producer. The OSI Group provides products for Western fast food companies doing business in China. They include Burger King, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Starbucks and Subway. The OSI Group supplies items like beef patties, sausage links and other protein items as well as pizza and sandwiches. The company recently began building a mega-plant in Henan province and announced a joint-venture with the Chinese company the DOYOO Group.

During the course of its over 100 years in business, the OSI Group has received numerous awards for excellence in worker safety, quality production practices, product development and environmental sustainability. The company has invested large sums in the development of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment to improve food safety and quality while protecting the environment. In 2016 the British Safety Council gave the OSI Group the Globe of Honor award for their excellent management practices designed to mitigate environmental risks. The company has had a production facility in the U.K. since 1989 and has won the Globe of Honor on two other occasions.

The leadership of the OSI Group has been called exemplars of best practices.

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The Basic Forex Trading Tips that Investors can Learn from Netpicks

The forex market is gradually surpassing other financial markets regarding growth and popularity. It has been proved to be a convenient platform for investors to indulge in the trading of diverse government-issued currencies. According to Netpicks, the purpose of the forex market is to facilitate the process of exchanging one type of currency for another. Its goal is also to enable investors to make profits through the resale of currencies whose values have increased.

How Forex Trading Works

Before the initiation of trades, investors must first pair two currencies. As traders purchase and sell these currencies at different prices, their values significantly change on the forex market. Investment decisions are made with respect to a currency’s value when compared to other foreign currencies.

A buyer believes that a currency pair’s current cost is not more than its actual worth. On the other hand, a seller is confident that this value is more than the actual worth. The most common currency pairs are associated with the USD. They include USD/JPY, GBP/USD and EUR/USD. Most investors also like to trade in other profitable currencies like the Swiss Franc.

Trading Strategies

As an investor, it is important to plan before indulging in any trades carefully. Planning, in this case, involves identifying precise values of currencies that are likely to trigger a sale or purchase. One can also analyze currencies using graphs or the political and economic developments of a country. To avoid losses and risks, individuals should spend a maximum of 2 percent of their savings on trades.   Read a relevant article about socially responsible investment, check on this.

About NetPicks

Since 1996, Netpicks has been enabling people to earn consistent returns from trading. The company, which was founded by Mark Soberman, achieves this goal by providing them the knowledge to develop their advanced trading skills. Soberman came up with the idea of NetPicks after realizing that investors experienced difficulties in obtaining adequate training on trading.

Today, NetPicks strives to emancipate traders on components of the financial markets like stocks, currencies, and exchange-traded funds. The company relies on its employees, who work from its head office in Irving, TX, to facilitate the training. NetPicks does not dig deep into the theories of financial markets. However, the company offers education on occasional, part-time and full-time trading.  Watch and learn from tutorials provided on their channel.

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NetPicks Future Looks Great

If you are interested in making a lot of money, you will want to begin trading. The trading industry is a where people can make their financial dreams come true, especially by using the foreign trading part of it. This has also become known as Forex. With Forex, there can be a learning curve, and it may be frustrating for a lot of people. Instead of quitting or stopping the process of learning about it, they can hook up with a company named NetPicks.

NetPicks is all about helping people to learn and master the trading industry, including Forex. When you become a client of NetPicks, you will be among people that know what they are doing. They will be able to help you with any questions that you might have. Since they are adept at what they do, they can also teach you strategies that will give you the ability to make the money that you want. They will encourage you to set financial goals for yourself, and to find ways to achieve them. Learn from their tutorials, read blogs on their page.  They are experienced professionals that trade in the industry every day, and they know what they are doing. They can help you in many ways so that in time your financial goals will be met. Knowing this, you can have the confidence that you are with a company that cares very much.   Read and learn more from this helpful article on

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This company is becoming more and more popular for the work that they can do. Since their client base is expanding on a regular basis, their future is looking great. By creating more successes for other people, they have been able to become even better known than ever before. They are successful in all ways, and they will continue to be in the years to come. The company looks forward to helping as many people as they can in meeting their financial goals and becoming successes too.  Start getting connected, log in to this.

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Ted Bauman: Writing Economically

     The current Editorial Director for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is a dedicated and capable man. Currently residing in Atlanta, Bauman works as the editor for The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. As Editorial Director, Bauman has used his platform to contribute to the good of his community and expand the prospects of many. The work that he does with these publications highlight a passion Bauman has for providing individuals with tips on how to gain financial security and the ability to grow their own personal wealth. His deep library of helpful articles is designed to make the information he provides more accessible to the public. In fact, there are countless articles written by Bauman that are provided to the public for free. This exchange of information ensures that Bauman’s message can meet a variety of people during different points in their lives to make a substantial difference.

Bauman has always worked in a role that would contribute to his community in one way or another. Since his graduation from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, he has impacted the lives of countless individuals. While at the University of Cape Town, Bauman discovered that he had a passion for History and Economics, obtaining a postgraduate degree in both. He parlayed that experience into a job as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. This work ignited a passion within Bauman and he eventually found himself working for multiple organizations, also interested in creating low-cost housing projects. He traveled extensively to help coordinate projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and even the Caribbean. This experience has only served to bolster the information that he currently provides to his readers.

After coming back to the United States permanently, Bauman served as the Director of International Housing with Habitat for Humanity International for five years. This gave him experience in the financial aspects of a large-scale international project; however, it did not completely satisfy his vocational needs. During this time, he found that he wanted to focus on his writing and he was able to secure a position with Banyan Hill Publishing to do that. Feeding into his giving nature, Bauman started writing for Banyan Hill Publishing’s free newsletter on a weekly basis and began publishing in multiple respected international journals. Currently, Bauman continues to be an experienced writer in his field, contributing substantially to global knowledge in economics.


Majestic Netpicks

Your trading journey should not come to an untimely end just because you fail to find a trading education. The trading industry has been blossoming for a quite some time. Thanks to a team of individuals and companies ready to take you at every step of the way. The dynamism in the trading market is worth coping with. If you know the market and you have no clue on where to start from, worry no more since Netpicks company is all here for you.

Netpicks arose into the online trading industry in 1996. Terrified by those graphs you usually find confusing to draw and even interpret? Just sit back and relax for a thrilling guidance from Netpicks. Achieving success is all we need in every investment. Taking you carefully through a series of education on forex, stocks and the general trading techniques, Netpicks is proud to partner with you for a successful trading journey. A customer support desk is always there to listen to every client and positively to respond accordingly. Make a date today at Netpicks and discover a resourceful helping hand for trading life. Read this article on investing tips, click

With its headquarters in Irving, Texas, Netpicks has a wide array of trained personnel ready to take you in every step of trading. Experienced coaches are passionate to impart you with every kind information worth knowing in the trading industry. Driven by a specific trading system, Netpicks is pleased to take your career in trading into another fantastic level of satisfaction reducing every risk by adjusting accordingly to the market changes.  To keep up-t0-date with their recent timeline activities, hit this link on

A successful trading is a priority at Netpicks, equipping you with tips on the online trading system. One can access tutorial blogs on their page. It does not matter the amount of capital you invest in the trading market, but how to manage that small resources is the key to success. Reducing risks per trade will help you evade mischiefs of trading. Minimizing the number of contracts while maximizing on your equity curve is another sole open gates to a promising trading experience. Being specific and conscious of the time to trade is also another propelling spirit that will not leave you hanging on the edge of online trading.  More on trading system on this related link.

Staying optimistic and taking every time in the market as a unique opportunity will scale up your chances of a productive trading life.  More tutorials are available in their streaming videos on Netpicks’ channel.

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Becoming a Trader – Start with Netpicks and You Won’t See the End

Trading can be the most rewarding and beneficial job in the world if you precisely know what you are doing and how to trade efficiently. It is an occupation where you make your own rules and mindset; you spend hours and whole days planning a strategy to compete with the best traders in your country, and, if you are good enough to compete, you’ll have an enriching experience with a good financial outcome.

If you look for the words that are researched the most in every famous search engine out there, regarding occupations and businesses, trading is among the top themes on the internet. Everybody might’ve already wanted to enter the industry, but it requires a lot of dedication and effort, so less than 10% of those people end up actually pursuing their dreams.

Trading requires self-control and a lot of discipline, and you’ll be dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of people that gamble, for example. One day you have won an excruciating amount of profit, but on the other, you begin losing. Good traders reanalyze their strategies when that happens, but bad ones insist on hopes and the feeling that things are going to get better without changing the approach, and they lose a lot of money. That is why trading requires help and support.  Investing tips for reaching goals here, click

But, once again, it is an outstanding experience, but you shouldn’t dive on the journey alone. There are countless groups and companies on the internet that offer tutorials and trading strategies, and some are backed up by real professionals in the business, with decades of experience and work.  Read tutorial blogs on their page.

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If you intend on becoming a trader yourself, we can’t recommend you netpicks enough, as we believe it is the best website for newcomers and veterans alike to learn more every day about the business. Trading is a profession where you must be learning new stuff every single day, or you will fall behind. Netpicks exists to make that journey much easier. Useful link here to read helpful article.

With full support from an experienced staff and countless hours of learning and training with many tutorials available, Netpicks is the best chance you have on embarking on the journey to become a successful trader yourself.  Get connected to get more useful tips, head over to this.

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Sahm Adrangi and Investment

A former colleague of Sahm Adrangi, at Longacre, spoke to journalists about investment. This Hedge fund analyst at GNC was an intern at ‘Merrill Lynch’s credit desk’. He worked at the company for three years after his internship elapsed. At the company he traded credit until he left for Longacre, where he met Sahm Adrangi. At this hedge fund his was to continue as a credit trading professional.

Later, he would move on to ‘Paulson & Co and then to ‘Bowery Investment Management’ as a credit PM. After all this work and the fact that he loved trading, he made a decision to vacate Wall Street given the ever increasing cost of life and the grueling work required at his job. Though he quit his day job, he still loves the trading, but opts to now enjoy the fruits of the investments he has made over the years working at the NYC.

Sahm Adrangi

Adrangi works as Kerrisdale Capital Management. He is the company’s founder and the CIO at the same time. All the development related aspects of the company have been dear to Sahm Adrangi since the company opened its doors in 2009. Sahm is recognized for being able to short many Chinese companies that were deep in fraud. These companies were later investigated by the ‘securities and exchange’ commission.

It was at ‘Deutsche Bank’ that the illustrious career of Sahm Adrangi’s started. He would then move to Langacre where he became a management analyst. At Deutsche bank he was in leverage finance. Longacre, a well oiled hedge fund was involved in the business of distressed debt. Sahm ‘Bachelors in Economics’ was from the prestigious American University: Yale University.

Skill Set

Sahm Adrangi is well rounded in terms of skill set. He is an exposed portfolio manager. At the same time Sahm is good at analysis of emerging markets and can also give guidance on capital markets. He is also versed in alternative investments and also ‘fixed income investments’. Sahm is also a shrewd hedge fund manager. He has experience in equities and can also handle mutual funds. He is also a seasoned valuer and a business leader of admirable standing.

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Nerpicks and the Art of Trading

The mood on Wall Street seems to be changing, especially after technology-related stocks were sold. For a while there, the stock market was doing very well, unstoppable according to some, which lead to brokers growing a very optimistic attitude. Nowadays, the mood is changing to more of a nervous attitude, which hasn’t been there in recent years. A part of this has to do with the fact that the country is entering the summer months, historically a slow time for all things business and stocks. There are strategies that can help with gaining profits in uncertain times and one such tactic is the so-called “lock and walk” strategy.   Watch tutorial videos in this link on

In a nutshell, this is a simple strategy that involves using double ETF’s for Nasdaq and reaping benefits of trading cycles over a specific time period. There are specific trading tools to carry this out and it involves Pro shares Ultrashort QQQ- QID (ETF) as well as Pro Shares Ultra QQQ-QLD. Normally these are unstable stocks but when it is done with proven and more disciplined methods, the results can be very good.  Read more about option trading here.

Netpicks was established in 1996 as an online trading website. This makes it a pioneer of sorts and is highly regarded as a good trading teacher and tool. Whether it is stocks, futures, forex, swing trading, ETF and options, Netpicks has emerged as the one stop shop for education in all things investment. The company was started by Mark Soberman, a veteran of the industry, in Irving, Texas. He and his staff members have helped countless people navigate the difficult and confusing world of the stock market.   For updates on their recent timeline activities, click this.

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What makes the staff of Netpicks unique is that they are professional traders themselves. That means when they dispense advise, they are speaking from experience.

Netpicks is not only for full-time traders but part-timers as well. For those of you who are looking to make some extra income on the side, this is something that needs to be looked into. The staff of Netpicks will walk you through their training process and show you how to pick stock intelligently. The system is set up in a way so that users can choose what they want to do and then let Netpicks do the rest.

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