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Netpicks: The Lock and Walk Method

Netpicks Trading Strategies is an American company which offers trainings and seminars to new comers in the trading industry. The company was founded in 1996, and they are currently headquartered in the city of Irving, Texas. The company has been pushing for the Lock and Walk method, and they have been teaching this kind of investment to their clients. The reason why Netpicks Trading Strategies developed the Lock and Walk method is because they found out that when the market moves upward, trading and selling stocks can be made easily. However, when the market starts to fall, the opposite happens, making investors hold their breath. With the Lock and Walk method, investors would not have to worry about what is going to happen with their investment, because the strategy will let them earn money whether the market is going up or going down. The unpredictability of the values in the stock market makes the Lock and Walk method a reliable strategy to earn money in times of crisis.  Check on to read and learn from their tutorial blogs.

The Lock and Walk strategy is simple and it focuses on three stock codes, which are NDX, QID and QLD. The investors who are working with Netpicks Trading Strategies can trade any of the three stocks in accordance to the channels that are defined with the help of NASDAQ. This would also allow the investors to secure their gains, making it possible with the use of the Fibonacci sequence. This kind of strategy has been used by investors for several years now, and it is gaining popularity because of its versatility. Investors are thinking that by using the Lock and Walk method, they can prevent losing their money from unexpected rise or fall of stock market prices. This strategy has also outperformed other investment methods by 36%, and investors are thinking that this will continue for years to come.  Learn more from this useful article, click this.

Netpicks Trading Strategies keeps on training their clients on how to survive the fall of investment prices.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, hit

Their clients are satisfied with the excellent customer service that the company is providing, and they are happy to share that Netpicks Trading Strategies somehow changed the way they live because of the strategies that they developed.  More about trading in this link on

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How Can You Benefit from The American Institute of Architects?

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857. It started when a group of people joined together with a single goal. This goal was to uphold architects and architecture worldwide. A couple of months later, the AIA was established.

Up to this day the American Institute of Architects consists of around 88,000 architects. They bring together architects and architecture, and in doing so provide the fundamentals required for those men and women working hard at what they do best and have a passion for. The American Institute of Architects has a few requirements for continued membership that those memberships of the AIA strive to adhere to, making membership stronger.


The CEO of the AIA is Robert Ivy and he was named such in 2011. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in architecture and English. Robert Ivy became the editor in chief in 1996, prior to being named CEO. In his career, he has been awarded several achievements in media, magazines, and others.

In 2001, Robert Ivy’s biography, “Fay Jones Architect” was published. It was given one of the highest rankings for scholarship, design and production.

The Business of Architecture

The working environment they have created within the industry of architecture and those who work in it is competitive and fair. They support and encourage one another to help in advancing the profession, uplifting the entire vocation for enterprise and economic wellbeing.

The Focus of the AIA

The American Institute of Architects works on different levels to deliver a strong working environment that focuses on design, the health of the profession, as well as the professional security and welfare of its members. They have done numerous things to make policies that meet the standards and needs of smaller firms.

Protecting Architectural Services

Because architects are responsible for the overall strength of the building environment, they make sure that services are provided only by people with the right education andexperience certification as well as licensing. Most states require a professional degree to work as an architect and there are courses available in both the US and Canada that can help you reach this goal.

The AIA and Robert Ivy are working together to protect architecture and architectural services in the US as well as worldwide. With their hard work and dedication, this profession will remain strong and continue to grow for many years. Learn more:

CEO Sheldon Lavin Strategies of Success

Sheldon Lavin is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group. OSI Group is one of the largest privately owned companies, with over 20,000 employees, and over $6 billion dollars in sales at the end of the year 2016. Through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin OSI Group became a company that benefitted the entire planet.

Having a diverse skill set is what has helped Mr. Lavin succeed in his various business ventures. Some needed skills to be successful in business that Mr. Lavin have are marketing, large-scale financial operations, and transforming small companies into global giants through business management and leadership. Mr. Lavin has also mastered the skill of delegation. Through this, he is able to interact with all facets of an operation with little actual influence. He employs trusted and skilled individuals to run operations, meanwhile spending short moments of time managing the work of those few.

Scaling helped his small company grow. While Mr. Laving could have spent their first fruits on a lavish life and trinkets, the money was put back in the company or other investments. He believes the lifeblood of a company is holding off on the joys of success to invest wisely. Sheldon Lavin is a staple in the business world, however, it is also his practices that people are awarding him.

Hoping that the leaders of corporations to come will follow in his footsteps as well as the general wellbeing of the world, Mr. Lavin has implemented many environmentally safe practices in his company. Sheldon Lavin was awarded Global Visionary of the year in 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy. This award is given to individuals and organizations that have promoted the overall health and well being of our world. OSI Group works internationally and has established jobs across the globe. Sheldon Lavin has helped also put into place practices for business to be environmentally conscious and preventative to the health of the planet. Mr. Lavin hopes to operate his company in such a way that will inspire the next Millennial leaders to put these concerns always as a high priority.

Accomplishing all of these still was not the first priority for Mr. Lavin. He believes his greatest success is giving back to his community along with his family. He and his wife raised 3 children and see the investment in their family as a legacy that will outlast any business venture.

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End Citizens United Reveal Their Key Midterm Battlegrounds

As 2017 draws to a close and the new year approaches, End Citizens United have revealed their thoughts are shifting to the 2018 midterm elections and which key battlegrounds will receive a portion of the expected $35 million the political action committee estimates it will raise in the coming months. To publicize the rising importance of the 2018 election cycle, End Citizens United has recently published what it calls the “Big Money 20”, a group of politicians the leaders of the PAC believe have been the major recipients of donations from the billionaire donor class who have exerted their influence on U.S. politics through the work of the conservative candidates they backed.

End Citizens United have had a great deal of success in the single election the group fought by highlighting the reform agenda for election finances many Democrats choose to back. In fact, a recent study showed the delivery of an election finance reform agenda was far more effective than a similar message detailing the traditional values offered by Democratic candidates. The decision to back Democrats was taken by End Citizens United because the PAC believes liberal candidates are more likely to back the repeal of the 2010 Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court which eliminated restrictions surrounding campaign financing.


The “Big Money 20” is not limited to those politicians End Citizens United believe can be removed from office during the 2018 midterm elections but is a way of highlighting those politicians who continue to put the needs of billionaire donors above those of the American people. Among those included on the list are House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ted Cruz, both politicians are standing for reelection in 2018 and will be the subject of major campaigns led by End Citizens United.

Despite being named on the “Big Money 20” list many political experts believe both Speaker Ryan and Senator Cruz are not vulnerable to losing their respective elections in 2018. However, the fact the two politicians are being targeted by End Citizens United shows how the PAC which formed in 2015 has grown in confidence as the donations to a PAC limiting financial contributions to just $5,000 has developed a campaign fund for 2018 of more than $7 million by the middle of 2017; by the time the 2018 midterm elections are fought, End Citizens United expects to have a campaign fund of around $35 million to aid Democrats and liberals in using the power of independent voters to bring about financial reform in Washington D.C.

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How One Man Is Giving Sufferers of Age-Related Illnesses Hope

The passage of time is inevitable, and the effects of its movements are difficult to cope with. While some struggle with the more cosmetic side of aging, others are dealt a more tragic hand. Age-related illnesses, like Alzheimer’s, Atheroscierosis, and Diabetes, are all painful, troubling experiences for anyone to go through. If you or someone you now has suffered from one of these unfortunate consequences of age, the difficulty of such a trial is evident.

But how can this issue be fixed? Those diseases don’t have a cure, right?

Fortunately, there are a number of dedicated, passionate individuals who give their time, energy, and expertise to the cause of age-related diseases. One of these people is Jason Hope, a entrepreneur and philanthropist. Hope has done much for the cause, but his most outstanding achievement was a half million dollar donation to the SENS Foundation, an organization centered on regenerative medical research. Hope’s donation was extremely crucial and provided the SENS foundation with significant help in furthering its goals of reducing the damage of age-related illnesses through the promotion and development of technologies.

Jason Hope’s donation to the SENS foundation was a great act of charity, but his resume of effective hard work does not end there. Hope is a self-described “futurist,” who demonstrates a clear knowledge of technology and the direction that it is advancing. His experience in the field places him in an excellent position to give insight to those in the field of technology. Hope constantly shares expertise through a number of blog posts, all related to the internet and technology in general.

One of Hope’s focuses is the “Internet of Things,” a concept that essentially describes massive interconnectivity between devices. Devices that collect and transfer data, through connection to the internet, are all considered within the Internet of Things. Hope has written several pieces on this concept – one which continues to grow in relevance to everyone. In the article “4 Predictions for the Internet of Things in 2016,” Hope lays out several interesting predictions about the future of the Internet of Things, including the rise of printed electronics and adoption of IOT devices by the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Clearly, Hope is well-versed and educated in the realm of technology. For anyone interested in the field, he’d be a great person to look at for inspiration.

Jason Hope Info:

How Netpicks improved the skills of traders in the forex market

It has been many decades now since the formation of the forex market which has is a platform that performs various organizations as well as individuals to exchange different types of cash. The process offers an opportunity for speculators to profit from the purchase of money which they hold for some time and later sell it when the values rise. The type of system was developed after countries that were key players in financial sector came together and adopted market-based exchange rates. Nonetheless, there is no single location or building where the traders gather.

The financial market is relatively appealing especially for those that desire to make some quick money over a short period. The advantages that the business comes with, as well as the lucrative profits that require very little or even no efforts at all, is the primary reason why there has been a massive influx of investors in the sector. Also, there exists an online platform that runs for 24 hours a day and offers individuals and groups an opportunity to follow up with hour their currencies are doing in the forex market. More so, they do not have to quit their career because they can quickly make small deposits as an investment in the venture.  Read a relevant article here.

Sited behind his fax machine, Mark Soberman would then use the internet to share his valuable advice to traders. He is a seasoned options trader with over 25 years of experience in the sector. As a result, he observed the market and noticed a trend that he wanted to change. The traders had little or sometimes no background information on the market. Mark Soberman had a vision of developing tested and proven trading skills that would generate consistent and watertight profits. It was not until in 1996 when he founded NetPicks to supply the much-needed training which would address global needs of investors.  Learn from their tutorial blogs, visit their page.

The NetPicks company is currently conducting coaching as well as training, and its head office is based in Irving, Texas.   For their new and recent activities, hit on  They continue to equip traders with knowledge about financial markets, and they have employed a team of professional coaches to assist in the process.  Start getting connected, hit on this.

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The trabuco’s role in ancient warfare

Trabucos played an emormous role in medieval warfare. Since so many battles revolved around sieges, the trabuco’s ability to break down defenses is invaluable. Breaking through a fortress’ gates can be costly and time consuming. However, the Trabuco makes gates unnecessary, since it can create massive holes in the very walls that gates add access to.

Imagine you are a defender during a siege. You are standing on a castle wall, waiting for the inevitable charge towards your gate. Suddenly, a massive machine rolls out of a nearby forest. You can’t make much out, but you see the front of it drop, the back raises quickly, and shortly thereafter you see a boulder hurdling down on you from the sky. This boulder reigns down on your section of the wall. There are three ways you die and the attackers take the castle. First, the boulder lands on you. Second, the shockwave knocks you off the wall and you die in the fall. Or, finally, the debris thrown out from the impact cause massive internal damage and you die shortly later. Knowing that that is your fate, and seeing the result of these weapons on your codefenders, your morale will be crushed as well.

The trabuco can launch boulders weighing more than 150 pounds from over 150 feet. When it comes to getting inside of a castles walls, there’s nothing better. While other projectile siege weaponry’s reputation is not entirely undeserved, they really cannot even hold a candle compared to the trabuco. The trabuco’s superior range and power is a result of the counterweight mechanism, essentially flinging the boulder like a massive slingshot.

There is no way that the trabuco does not deserve a place in the ancient siege weaponry hall of fame. The ability to breach any wall, get through any gate, and break any defender’s morale cannot be underestimated. An invading army can storm the breach made by a trabuco and take the fortress. This ability to create an entry through a wall is vital to ending any siege. Learn more:


Securus Technologies’ Role in Preventing Crimes and Upholding Public Safety

Securus Technologies has greatly contributed to revolutionizing the incarceration environment and improving public safety. The firm is a leading player in the civil and criminal justice system where it provides technology solutions for modernizing the incarceration experience while upholding public safety. Consequently, Securus Technologies provides high-tech software solutions to clients using innovations from its highly skilled team of engineers, designers, technologists, and thinkers.


Services Offered


Having committed itself to offering technology solutions for enhancing public safety, Securus Technologies has hundreds of patents to its name. The firm’s secure, simple and powerful innovative solutions aid in connecting inmates to their family and friends, connecting personnel in correctional facilities to information critical in preventing and solving crimes, and connecting inmates to technology. Additionally, Securus Technologies also offers solutions that aid in connecting the dots during the investigation process, and connecting emergency responders to those who need such help. All these services have been possible by the firm’s commitment to serve while offering the best customer service in the industry.


Customer Satisfaction


Customer service is at the core of all solutions offered by Securus technologies. Consequently, the firm’s clients acknowledge the positive impact it has had on how they perform their duties. One customer reports that if for no other reason, it would continue seeking services from Securus Technologies for its LBS Software, which works very well with Investigator Pro to make the company the leading provider of jail phone services in the industry. Another customer says that using the same software, it was able to recover millions in illegal assets, cash money, and drugs by easing the process of the recovery. Securus Technologies solutions have also come in handy in helping another customer reduce the incidence of contraband in another facility. The company is confident that the future of corrections industry will grow in time.

Matt Badiali Links The Housing Boom With Increased Demand for Lumber

     The demand for housing is on the rise meaning that contractors are building more and more. The rebound from the real estate crunch started in 2009 and things have always been on a steady rise since then. While regular investors will be thinking of spending money developing real estate under such circumstances, Matt Badiali is taking a different approach and thinking of putting his money in the lumber business.

And he has facts to back it up. According to a Forestry estimation, the demand for wood and lumber is up by an impressive 66 percent since the early months of 2016. This is an impressive appreciation on the investment that is still showing no signs of slowing down since the demand for more lumber keeps on flocking in.

While lumber might not be as lucrative as the real estate flipping itself, Matt Badiali believes that the fact that lumber will sell faster means that you can make your profits faster on a growing market as opposed to sitting with real estate property that might take a while to complete and sell. He has been advising his readers to tentatively consider investing in lumber as the results will definitely be impressive.

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali edits for the S&A Resource Report, offering advice on natural resource investments. This means that he is perfectly placed to make wise calls on things like oil, water, copper, natural gas, crops, forest and even water. As an highly skilled geologist, Matt has learnt that the best way to get results is by being in close touch with whatever you are monitoring. This is the very same approach he uses whenever identifying market trends that are worth his time.

This very practical involvement has seen him come up with unusual but lucrative investment ideas that could easily turn an otherwise dormant market trend into a four or three digit earner in just months. His reputation has earned him profound respect to his readers.

Matt Badiali is a Master’s degree holder who has a Florida Atlantic University degree. He specialized in geology, hydrology and oil making him a sound consultant to oil industry stakeholders. It is his eye for lucrative investment deals that has seen him cement is position as a trader and trading adviser to a wide range of audiences that have the money but are still looking for valuable but unique markets to venture into.

Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Houston area earlier this summer, did $23 billion in property damage. Over $4.1 billion…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, October 6, 2017

New Jersey’s Realty with Boraie Development

Recently, New Jersey has been the point of focus in the current crisis of surging realty markets in the United States. As such, this has threatened the rebound of housing in among the most densely populated region in the nation. According to Patch, a real estate tracking institution, New Jersey features the highest number of rates and shares of residential mortgages, which are extremely delinquent and in foreclosure.

However, the situation is bettering owing to a significant drop in the rates of foreclosure and delinquency in addition to ameliorated fundamentals such as higher employment rates, the formation of households and a gain of home prices. In the future, expectably, with effective players in the market such as Boraie Development, positive trends would continue emerging as the sector strives to determine and resolve shortages as well as the growing number of markets and impending affordability crises.

According to Sam Boraie, since the end of the adverse Great Recession, the New Jersey real estate market has been dramatically fractured. However, despite these adverse effects, some towns are experiencing astoundingly high demands in housing, which are combined with excellent inventories. Most of the towns in New Jersey are currently adapting and readying for thousands of new apartments through game-changing developments. Notably, accessibility to transit is among the primary recognizable trend amongst the towns in New Jersey.

In New Jersey, Capital Economists forecast that low house prices coupled with expectations of high-interest rates would bring about a change in the realty sector, which will subsequently result in more houses being traded in the market. Housing demands will be steered up by the consistent and constant creation of employment, which will be a part of the issues propelling change in New Jersey. Initially, the post was published by Philly Purge.

Boraie Development is a success-oriented player in the real estate industry. The firm features a development track of more than two decades. Currently, Boraie Development is among the most sought-after realty developers in the New Jersey area. One of its robust features, which can be attributed to the current unprecedented success of the firm in New Jersey’s realty market it is the ability to efficiently work with reputable contractors, architects, and strong financial institutions.

Boraie Development provides its clientele with a full range of realty services, which are in their entirety focused on all the prime aspects of urban real estate markets. Among these services, include the development of the property, management of the property, as well as marketing and selling of realty. Moreover, the firm boasts of a strong team of dedicated professionals with an unquestionable record of accomplishment and many decades of work experience in the industry. For more info, visit