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Workville NYC Provides Shared Office Space for Employees

How to invest in coworking spaces

The “shared economy” continues to evolve. As a result, a number of companies, regardless of size, are cutting daily operation expenses by testing out co-working spaces in a number of urban markets.

In previous years, co-working companies focused on startup businesses and freelancers. The 2015/2016 Americas Occupier Survey for CBRE Group shows that of the 226 real estate organizations in the Americas, more than 40 percent of these businesses are using shared workspaces.

Howard Tullman, the CEO of Chicago-based nonprofit startup 1871, confirms that the company houses about 500 companies. 1871 is in an office space that is about 150,000 square feet. A number of Fortune 500 corporations are stuck in between office parks and suburbs according to Tullman. He also shares that is can take large companies a few years to establish a location in the midtown or downtown areas of their cities, which can be challenging.

Tullman shares that these companies are more likely to visit WeWork in order to rent a block of space. These companies are freelance or startup companies. These corporations have to find spaces that are between 10 and 20,000 square feet who want to rent office areas for a year or two before making a commitment.

Workville NYC is another one of the shared office spaces that business owners may want to consider. The company is located in New York at 1412 Broadway and is on the 21st floor of the building.

Workville is designed to look and feel like a 5-star hotel, and there are several well-lit and airy spaces for professionals to choose from. There are even office spaces with terrace access and views of the New York skyline and sunset. Workville has lounge spaces, as well as dedicated and open desks. Professionals can take advantage of the common area, which can also be used as a waiting area, and can utilize the cafe area as well to enjoy meals and conduct small meetings.

Workville is even located near a number of NYC attractions like Bryant Park, Times Square, ZipCar and businesses such as inDinero Accounting Services and AlleyBoost.

These are just some of the businesses that are making office space rental easier for business owners, since this trend will likely be around for years to come.

Coriant’s New Ceo – Shaygan Kheradpir


The Coriant company announced last fall that they were naming Shaygan Kheradpir as their new CEO and Chairman of the Board. Kheradpir joins Coriant after leaving his last position at Juniper Networks. The company’s former CEO, Pat DiPietro, will remain with the company and take over his previous position as operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Coincidentally, Kheradpir was an operating partner at Marlin also, just before being named CEO of Coriant. He had been working with leaders at Coriant for almost a year when he was at Marlin. The company thought he would be the perfect fit for them and an obvious choice to lead them to the next level. His main focus will be developing and spearheading Coriant’s growth strategy.

Coriant’s annual revenues approach $1 billion and they are looking to differentiate themselves from top competitors, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and Ciena. They are hoping that Keradpir can help them accomplish that and bring the company a much need boost. They are counting on his past successes at Verizon and Barclays PLC on continuing at Coriant. In 2014, Coriant’s optical revenues saw an 11% decline, while their competitors experienced gains up to 26%, so he will have his work cut out for him.

With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, Shaygan also boasts a doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s in engineering. He holds several patents for telecommunications inventions including methods and systems for integrating communication services. He was born in London, grew up in Iran, but moved to the United States to attend Cornell University where he earned his numerous engineering degrees.
Shaygan certainly has the background and the know-how to see Coriant not only expand but to be innovators in their field with unlimited growth potential.

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Madison street capital’s Anthony Marsala, Win the Prestigious Annual Emerging Leaders Award

Madison Street Capital has proudly announced the Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Marsala as the recipient of Emerging Leaders Award presented by M&A Advisor this year. Marsala has been selected from a group of outstanding nominees by an independent panel of business leaders. The award comes as recognition of Marsala expertise and accomplishments in the industry.

M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award is an annual award that was started in 2010 to recognize and celebrate achievements of young M&A and financial professionals in the United States who have reached a notable level of success. Besides, the award seeks to recognize young leaders who have made significant contributions not only to the industry but also in the community.

Marsala is the co-founder of Madison Street Capital and features 15 years experience in the investment banking industry. His expertise includes leveraged finance and both selling and buying side of M&A advisory. Marsala is also Certified Valuator and Analyst (CVA). Recently, he was named as 2015 40 under 40 honorees by NACVA. Moreover, he has been chosen to participate in the 2016 Crain’s Leadership Academy Program.

Under the leadership of Mr. Marsala, Madison Street Capital has emerged as a leading International Investment bank that focuses on small and middle markets. Madison Street continues to focus significant assets on middle markets. The firm features offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. Madison Street Capital has built extensive relationships with business communities and set reputable records of providing executives valuation services and mergers and acquisition consulting. The firm views emerging markets as fundamental components that drive our economy. As result Madison Street, Capital has established extensive clientele base both at home and at global platforms.

Madison Street Capital has positioned itself as the destination of middle market financial services. Business owners seeking for favorable lending, financial opinion, valuation services, constructing a solid exit strategy, and acquisitions they can rely on Madison Street Capital. The firm has designed it products to position its clients to succeed in global platforms. Every client in Madison Street is treated as a true business partner; thus, they take the time to understand and analyze customers’ objectives and needs. This has been Madison Street Capital hallmark of success, which set the firm reputation of excellence apart.

In response to this prestigious award, Marsala said he was thrilled to be recognized for his accomplishment in such complex and competitive industry. He added that it would not have been possible without dedication and support of Madison Street’s exceptional team of professionals.


Follow Your Heart


A recent interview with Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, reveals a few tips on how to make your dreams come true. She has an understanding of using various colors that some women might not ordinarily use on the face or on the fingers to make themselves feel beautiful. During the interview, she gives a bit about of background about her childhood and her ambitions. Deere was born in Russia before moving to New York at the age of 17.

Doe Deere started a small cosmetics business when she was 13 selling temporary tattoos. She wants other young girls to know that it only takes a small idea that can develop into something much larger. Her husband is now her business partner. They understand that communication is needed for any business if it’s to succeed.

According to Deere, women who have an idea should follow their dreams. Each person has something special that can be done in the world. When you follow that skill, you can see yourself develop, turning it into a passion. Deere wants women to know that they should be in touch with their inner person and to know that each person is not alone. They all make up the universe. At one time, Deere felt like she was alone, which was how she came up with the idea of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a company that is made of bright colors. From blue glitter for the eyes to green lipstick, there is a little bit of everything for those who want to showcase their unique personality. Many girls and women enjoy the brighter colors because they can use them as a way of expression. Deere hopes that women use the makeup from her company as a way to express their freedom. When makeup goes with fashion, they can complete a woman’s look, giving her the confidence she needs to step out into the world.

Thor Halvorssen Speaks on Bernie Sanders and Socialism

There has been a lot of talk lately in the media about Bernie Sanders. His socialist views are the type that even strong liberals are not agreeing with. The problem with many socialist ideas is that many individuals do not even know what these views mean for this country. For example, human rights expert Thor Halvorssen believes that socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Halvorssen states that when socialism is done under an authoritative government, this is when things can go seriously wrong. Many dictators hide behind the mask of socialism. They initially claim that they are going to help the country with these socialist practices, yet they only loot the country with these socialist practices.

When we look at the definition of socialism, we can see that many of the supporters of Bernie Sanders do not even fully understand the concept of socialism as a form of government. There is a big difference between a government that has social policies, and a government that is completely socialist. As evident from his Crunchbase profile, Thor Halvorssen’s major objection to socialism is the way governments tend to take advantage of citizens. For example, in Venezuela, the prices are set by the government resulting in massive shortages. This can create a crisis that could have been easily avoided.

While Halvorssen is very against socialism, he has made one of the largest donations to Bernie Sanders to this point. He states that this is because anyone is better than Hillary. His biggest complaint with Hillary is the fact that she has taken millions of dollars from dictatorships in the past. He doesn’t want anyone in power in the United States that has anything to do with these types of dictators. Halvorssen is not impressed with the republican frontrunner as well. He says that anyone who thinks Putin is ok has some serious problems that they must deal with.

Halvorssen still believes that democratic socialism can exist if there is rule of law. Without this rule of law, all hope is lost. Halvorssen holds strong to his belief that redistribution of wealth is not the way to end poverty.

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When Your Online Reputation Gets Screwed

What happens when the business that is suppose to help you get in the positive media spotlight has a negative reputation? Status labs is based in Austin, Texas and they are a crisis and online reputation firm. They help to recover your online reputation if it has been compromised, and that is exactly what happened to them. The company experience a negative media view with bad press attached to their company. This, obviously, ruined their reputation as a trustworthy company and things quickly began to go down hill for them.


Of course having the knowledge of how to get rid of negative press and being a company that specializes in just that is always a plus. The company offered second chances to thousands of companys. Now being one of them, Status Labs had to do a complete 360 to get their business back in the positive views of the public.


Their first change was in their leadership. The executive was asked to resign from his position. They then decided to become a better company as a whole. getting their name in positive light by helping out with charity and volunteering with non profit organizations. This had a very positive effect for the company as it not only put their name in a positive light with the media, but it also helped with employee spirit and team bonding. The stress that negative media has on a company as a whole is greater then what you just see on the outside. The employees on the inside were suffering as well. The decision of deciding to stay or leave the company had a huge impact on the happiness of the staff. Status Labs then decided to start treating their employees better by giving then a better work experience. Status Labs started giving their employees an option to have stock in the company. They also catered lunches and started having more achievements recognized within the business.


Status Labs learned a lot from this experience as it has helped to better the company. They are now more cautious as to who they hire onto their team of experts.


Status labs help with online reputation management as well as search engine optimization help. They offer free consultations and want to ensure that you look your best in search results. Status Labs has completely turned their company around for the better.

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How Does Martin Lustgarten Stay Well Rounded?

Martin Lustgarten is someone who invests for a living, but he is also someone who likes to be as well rounded as he can possibly be. He likes vintage watches, and he enjoys vacationing with his family. He lives in Florida with his family and dogs, and he likes to keep his life as interesting as possible. He does travel for business, but he also sets aside time to travel for himself.

People who are trying to make as much money as Martin Lustgarten is need to remember that they have to set aside some time for their own pursuits. He does like to collect old watches, and he is running a GoFundMe page that is going to help raise money for stray dogs. He is a renaissance man who is going to spend as much of his time as possible trying to make the most of his life. A lot of people get stuck in their investments, and they are not able to have any time for themselves.

Learning to be well rounded is something that Martin Lustgarten does talk to his clients about, and he will make sure that all his clients are able to use their earnings to have a better life. He is very interested in the goals that everyone has, and he is also interested in what all his clients are going to do with their money when they are successful. He has suggestions for all his clients who are trying to invest well, and it goes beyond what countries they can invest in.

Someone who wants to make a lot of money on investments should make sure that they are going working with Martin Lustgarten on his plan for investment. He has a plan for everyone who is trying to make sure that they can invest for retirement, invest as income or invest just to get started on a new career, There are many people with many goals, and Martin Lustgarten looks after all these people perfectly when he is not with his family, his dogs or becoming a more well rounded human being. Check out his Vimeo page to see more of what Lustgarten is into.

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Twitter: @mlustgarten2

San Francisco Attorney And Corporate Director Helane Morrison Is Pushing For Equality In The Financial Workplace

Segregation is a word everyone learns early in life. Humans like to segregate themselves from other races, businesses, schools and just about all other social activities. Racial segregation has been the main topic for the last fifty years. Blacks want to be included as equals, and they should be. But the fact that women have been victims of segregation in the workplace for the last sixty years hasn’t got the attention that the racial issue has gotten. But Helane Morrison is on a mission to change that. Morrison, the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel for Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco believes it’s time put women in executive roles in Corporate America. Morrison thinks there are not enough women CEOs, COOs, CFOs and CCOs in business. Morrison thinks the days of segregating women in the workplace are over.

Morrison is well-equipped to fight this battle with Corporate America. Her reputation and credentials speak for themselves. Morrison has a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Law degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She has worked in the judicial system as a law clerk and as an assistant to Supreme Court Justice, Harry A. Blackmun. She learned about equal rights while working for the liberal judge, and she applied what she learned when the Securities and Exchange Commission offer her a job. Morrison worked for the SEC for 11 years. She became the first women Regional Director in that agency’s history.

When Sarah Stein and Kathryn Hall offer her the Managing Director’s job at Hall Capital Partners, she jumped at the chance to work for an all-women investment firm. Stein is the president, and Kathryn is the co-COO of Hall Capital. Morrison is currently the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer as well as the Managing Director of Hall Capital, but she still maintains her partnership in the San Francisco law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

Helane talks about the equal ratio of men to women interested in business. But when it comes to entering financial services after graduating there is a lack of female leadership. That lack is not because women don’t want to get involved in the financial sector of businesses. Morrison thinks men in upper management positions keep women segregated intentionally. The segregation is so extreme in some companies that men hold separate meetings for women. Helane Morrison intends to eliminate segregation from the corporate world, and she has a lot of support for that mission.

Sam Tabar: The New COO At Fullcycle Energy Fund

In December 2015, PRNewswire of New York published an article that Sam Tabar had been named Chief Operating Officer for the FullCycle Energy Fund. Sam Tabar thus will be responsible for the financial management strategy for the FullCycle Energy Fund having been appointed the new chief operating officer for the company. Responding to his appointment Sam said that he was so happy about his new role in the company and was looking forward to working with the senior leadership of Full Cycle Energy Fund. Of much importance is that he will oversee the financial strategy of the company and has promised that he will deliver the mission of the company which is to provide lower cost environment friendly fuels as opposed to high cost polluting fuels that are currently available.

Sam Tabar graduated from the Oxford University in the year 2000 with a MA and BA in law. He then proceeded to Columbia Law School where he did his LLM in law. Sam subsequently joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom law firm as an associate. Upon moving out of the firm he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in 2013 as a senior partner where he specialized in hedge fund, compliance and regulatory issues together with fund structure and formation.

He also worked as an editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. Sam Tabar is also a member of the New York State Bar. He has also worked in quite a number of places before the current position that he has been appointed into. He spent a considerable time of his employment in overseeing financial management and budget strategies for financial institutions.

Sam worked as the Capital Head for the Bank of America his role being providing the fund managers with some targeted introductions to investors regarding to pensions, endowments, and foundations among many others. He also oversaw the global marketing for Sparx Group which is the largest independent fund in the Asia pacific.

FullCycle Energy fund was founded in the year 2013 with its main aim being to finance the converting of fuels that are polluting the environment in order to come up with the best and environment friendly fuels. This will thus be achieved through the conversion of Municipal Solid Waste in order to derive fuels that will be used to power up the whole world. The company’s mission is to invest in new traditional electric generating plants that will produce environment friendly fuels.

Billionaire Republican Donor Charles Koch Is Having Second Thoughts About Supporting A Republican Ticket

Charles Koch is one of the wealthiest men in America. His father played a part in his wealth, but for the most part, Charles and brother David have accumulated most of their billions on their own. The Koch brothers are considered part of the Republican establishment. Charles has never wanted to run for office. His philanthropic interests and Koch Industries are his passions. Charles likes to sit a few seats behind the political leaders and influence them in subtle but forceful ways. Money has a way of doing that, and Charles Koch has a lot of money and power.

Even though Koch’s father gave the Koch brothers a head-start in the financial world, Charles has managed to carve out a quiet but powerful place himself. Koch is not a New Yorker like brother David. Charles likes the mid-west and the country life even though he plays in the big political arenas in Washington and New York. Koch has donated millions of dollars to conservative universities and Republican candidates through the years. Eighty-year-old Charles has been part of the upper crust in the Republican Party for decades. Koch likes to call the shots from his Kansas home-base, and he’s not afraid to talk about his political ideology or his mission to keep a conservative in the White House.

But Koch’s message may be changing thanks to Donald Trump. Even though Trump and Koch know each other and brother David lives in the same city as Trump, Charles is not warming up to Trump, the Republican presidential candidate. It seems Charles is not buying what Trump is selling under the Republican umbrella. In a recent ABC News interview, Koch said he was more in line with Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. That revelation sends a strong message to the Republican establishment. If Charles Koch isn’t happy with the Republican candidate, the money stops. And if the money stops from the Koch brothers, it stops from other big Party donors.

There is no doubt that the Republican Party is going through a metamorphosis. This is the first primary election where the people are choosing who they want in the White House. Money is not buying this primary election, and it may not buy the general election for the Republicans either. If Koch throws his money behind Clinton and other Republican donors follow him, the Republican Party is going to crash and burn, and the people will let it happen.

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