NetPicks View on Investing and Being Socially Responsible

Mark Soberman had one goal, to provide regular traders with quality education on what trading is all about and how to go about it. In 1996 he decided to start NetPicks, a one of a kind trading company. With its headquarters in Irving, Texas, NetPicks has the most qualified staff in the trading industry who are willing and passionate about providing their clients with the best trading experience.

They offer services ranging from stocks to EFTs, forex, Options and Futures. Clients can access online tutorials and trading tips, where they can increase their trading knowledge. NetPicks main aim is to educate people on how to trade smart, instead of trading for a longer period of time. Their system has three main objectives, done in minutes, part-time income and full-time career.  To keep up-to-date with their recent timeline activities, hit on

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As a user, you will find the process easy since all you need to do is to select your objective and let the system do the rest for you. The company’s focus is on sustainable development. The environment should be preserved despite the fact that there are technological advancements. We need to strike a balance between the two. People need to make wise investments and maintain sustainable development at the same time.   Read and learn from this important link

ETFs, Exchange Traded Funds, are traded in the same way as stocks and are passively managed. You can take different approaches when investing, with the aim of achieving sustainable development. These four steps aid in maximizing financial returns and social value.

  • Positive screening- select projects based on a particular set up.
  • Negative screening- select a project based on other factors, for example, social impact.
  • ESG Integration- Including ESG factor during financial analysis.
  • Theme Investing- Select a project based on its theme.

In NetPicks’ view, projects ETFs that deal with gender or environmental issues are the most socially responsible projects. For example, Green ETF, which focused on carbon footprint. Companies with the lowest environmental carbon impact were given priority. It is the first ETF that is socially responsible and doesn’t have energy sector exposure.  For additional trading tips, check

People should choose investments that are socially responsible because what matters is the quality of life lived. Future generations are relying on us to preserve the environment for them so that they can have the chance of exploring it to its maximum. NetPicks have more information on such ETFs, in case you are interested in investing. Watch and learn from the tutorial clips on