NetPicks Urges Traders to Trade Smarter rather than Longer

Our planet’s current state of affairs requires people to maintain the concept of sustainable development and invest wisely. Most recently, NetPicks has been tirelessly educating people that there is more to this planet than just politics. It has been encouraging traders round the globe to invest their money in Exchange Traded Funds. Although Exchange Traded Funds are similar to mutual bonds, their trading process is a bit different because they are passively managed. Due to their socially responsible manner, Exchange Traded Funds have increasingly taken roots worldwide. Both ETFs and stocks are traded in a similar fashion, but mutual bonds are actively managed. Read and learn from this important link

When it comes to investing with the intention of sustainable development, various strategies can be applied. Here are several groups that can help you maximize your financial returns and social value.

  • Themed Investing; in this group, the selection criteria considers project’s sustainable development themes including alternative energy. To decide on the most suitable investment program, sustainable development themes are subject to various factors.
  • Positive Screening; this group involves the selection of projects, organizations, and firms.
  • Negative Screening; selection in this group is based on social impacts among other factors.
  • ESG Integration; an investment’s financial analysis includes ESG factor and holds a key role in the financial returns of an individual

More about NetPicks

Founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman, NetPicks provides high-quality trading education to traders globally. The trading company is headquartered in Irving, Texas. It has qualified staff and is dedicated to providing its clients with top-notch trading experience. It renders services such as Options, Futures, ETFs, stocks, and forex. Individuals interested in NetPicks’s services find the various trading tutorials and tips available online very useful. Moreover, NetPicks has a YouTube channel where people can watch more videos.

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The goal of NetPicks is to educate as many as possible individuals about the benefits of trading smarter rather than longer. This explains why the company provides three trading objectives through its trading systems. NetPicks has put in place several themes of development and emphasizes more on sustainable development. According to NetPicks, although the world needs technological advancements, there is need to minimize environmental degradation.  More trading tips here.

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