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Over the summer months, the consistency of trading usually slows down, so the trading market grows choppy. There are strategies, however, that can help investors and traders to keep up their momentum even during inconsistent times.

The choppiness of the trading market started after the selloff in the tech sector. That brought some nervousness around the stability of Wall Street which had not been seen before as the sentiment around Wall Street was one of confidence as it was viewed as unstoppable. While choppy summer times are not unheard of but after the selloff earlier this year, they have become more prominent.

Because of that emerges the question of keeping up the momentum. The answer to that is proactive strategies. There are a vast number f strategies that traders can learn and apply. One of them is called ”Lock and Walk” and from the name alone one can tell it involves decisive action which is what makes it proactive. It the past, this particular strategy has enjoyed success among traders, but it is a widespread knowledge that something as ever changing as trading will not yield the same result for the same strategy year after year.  Relevant article to read here.

The ”Lock and Walk” strategy has only a handful of simple rules or guidelines to follow. First off, target resistance should be sold if support is being tested by QLD, and if the support breaks than sell the QLD. If it is the resistance that is being tested by QLD that sell target support and it the resistance breaks, sell QLD. These rules are simple and familiar to people using technical analytics.  Learn from this article on

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As the trading market is growing rapidly, it is essential for traders to receive an education instead of going in blind and learning as they go.  Additional trading tips here.   NetPicks is one of the companies that has been around since the online trading market. NetPicks is dedicated to teaching and mentoring people of all backgrounds and levels of experience both through online resources and by mentoring one-on-one from one of the many full-time traders teaching at NetPicks. NetPicks has one of the largest libraries of resources.  Read an important review, hit on