Netpicks Help Investors Make Profits during Unstable Markets Period

Wall Street market has changed radically, and this is, as a result of the sector’s selloff. Currently, there is a degree of nervousness contrary to the earlier days, where the investors used to consider the market unstoppable. The dramatic change in the sentiment offers an opportunity for variable market during the summer months. Although the unstable market is usual during the low-volume summer months, the material change makes the chances even higher.

Getting Maximum Results from the Choppy Market

Some strategies are designed to get the return from unstable markets atmosphere. THOMAS H. KEE JR. has been working on preemptive strategies since January 2000. One of the known strategies is the “Lock and Walk” which has seen investors profit from the past choppy markets. Lock and Walk are designed to trade the Ultrashort ProShares when resistance and support and respect resistance levels and support in the Nasdaq 100 NDX.

Putting “Lock and Walk” Into A Function

  • Target resistance to selling if support is tested by QLD
  • Sell QLD if support breaks
  • Target support to sell if resistance is tested by QLD
  • Sell QID if resistance breaks

For anyone who uses technical analysis to sell near resistance, buy near support and stop out if a support break is familiar with the rules. If the “Lock and Walk” strategy has 67 basis points in gains, it is intended to close and wait till the next trading operations to commence again. Its success is associated with investors not looking for long-term positions in the choppy market


The company was founded in 1996 when day trading and online trading emerged. It has reliably provided trading education. It deals with forex, futures, signals, ETFs, stocks, and options in swing trading and day trading. Netpicks focuses on regular traders by helping them achieve success.

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