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Thomas Kee’s article titled “Opinion: Use this simple strategy to profit from choppy summer trading” discusses the Lock and Walk trading strategy. According to the article, Wall Street investors believed that investments in the technology sector would always lead to positive returns, before the selloff event in the sector occurred. Thomas Kee believes that such events have the ability to create an environment that allows the flourishing of the lock and wall strategy. Kee mentions proactive strategy as the best way to benefit from the Choppy period in the market environment. The author proceeds to provide detailed analysis on how the strategy works to give the investors a better picture of how the strategy works. Such insightful articles in the in the MarketWatch makes it one of the most valued platforms for investment ideas.

About Netpicks

The company was established in 1992 with the dawn of the day trading and online trading. Netpicks has remained one of the goldmines for trading education. Some of the areas where Netpicks has continued to provide valuable trading information include ETFs, Options, stocks, futures, forex, signals, and systems. The company focuses on the helping traders to maximize their profit in and be successful in the market.  Additional trading tips here

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Netpicks has its headquarters in Irving, Texas where the staff under the capable leadership of Mark Soberman provide valuable trade experience to many investors and traders. With over 25 years’ experience in trading activities, the company boasts of the having real-life traders who are willing and ready to help traders reach their trading objectives. The company also has over 17 years’ experience in providing trading education to various clientele.

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Many traders prefer dealing with the Netpicks because it deals with real people who take trades every day in real time unlike other companies with automated systems. The company also provides easy means of studying to enable people willing to learn trading do so within the shortest time possible. The company is always ready to respond to the queries made by various traders and learners in real-time. The company’s effective systems have continued to contribute to its success as many traders find the systems easy to understand and are highly effective.

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