NetPicks among those in support of choppy summer trading

Just the other day an opinion piece was published disclosing strategies traders can apply in an effort to make money following the change of attitude in Wall Street. Weeks ago, many considered the attitude on Wall Street to be somewhat arrogant considering that some investors considered the technology sector to be unstoppable. But the recent technology sector selloff has made many of those investors nervous like never seen in recent times.

This change of attitude creates a huge opportunity for investors who can have the courage to go against the grain and apply the proactive “Lock and Walk” strategy in the choppy market while the summer window is still open. The “Lock and Walk” strategy is highly recommended since it has been very effective before particularly in choppy market environments.  Click on to read an article on socially responsible investment.

The proactive “Lock & Walk” strategy basically entails buying near support and selling near resistance. You only stop out if support breaks.

What is NetPicks Trading Strategies?

NetPicks was founded way back in 1996 and has built a reputation as the go-to source when one is in need of authoritative and competent trading education. From the time when online trading and day trading was introduced, NetPicks has been by the side of traders from all walks of life as a lifelong partner helping them get to the bottom of a variety of subjects such as stocks, forex, options, futures, and ETFs on both ends of trading namely day trading and swing trading. NetPicks Trading Strategies does all this in a deliberate and conscious effort of helping ordinary traders from all sorts of backgrounds be successful in an ever competitive market.  For their tutorial blogs, access and read them here.

With more than two and half decades of hands-on experience in trading and over 17 years’ worth of experience in trading education NetPicks has crafted a competent team of trained, skilled and experienced professionals led by Mr. Mark Soberman who have spent most of their adult lives as actual traders. To keep up-to-date with their recent timeline activities, check on this.

This is one of the several reasons which gives them the passion, drive, and oomph to be so dedicated to their jobs of helping you achieve your trading goals without breaking a sweat.

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