Matt Badiali Links The Housing Boom With Increased Demand for Lumber

     The demand for housing is on the rise meaning that contractors are building more and more. The rebound from the real estate crunch started in 2009 and things have always been on a steady rise since then. While regular investors will be thinking of spending money developing real estate under such circumstances, Matt Badiali is taking a different approach and thinking of putting his money in the lumber business.

And he has facts to back it up. According to a Forestry estimation, the demand for wood and lumber is up by an impressive 66 percent since the early months of 2016. This is an impressive appreciation on the investment that is still showing no signs of slowing down since the demand for more lumber keeps on flocking in.

While lumber might not be as lucrative as the real estate flipping itself, Matt Badiali believes that the fact that lumber will sell faster means that you can make your profits faster on a growing market as opposed to sitting with real estate property that might take a while to complete and sell. He has been advising his readers to tentatively consider investing in lumber as the results will definitely be impressive.

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali edits for the S&A Resource Report, offering advice on natural resource investments. This means that he is perfectly placed to make wise calls on things like oil, water, copper, natural gas, crops, forest and even water. As an highly skilled geologist, Matt has learnt that the best way to get results is by being in close touch with whatever you are monitoring. This is the very same approach he uses whenever identifying market trends that are worth his time.

This very practical involvement has seen him come up with unusual but lucrative investment ideas that could easily turn an otherwise dormant market trend into a four or three digit earner in just months. His reputation has earned him profound respect to his readers.

Matt Badiali is a Master’s degree holder who has a Florida Atlantic University degree. He specialized in geology, hydrology and oil making him a sound consultant to oil industry stakeholders. It is his eye for lucrative investment deals that has seen him cement is position as a trader and trading adviser to a wide range of audiences that have the money but are still looking for valuable but unique markets to venture into.

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Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, October 6, 2017