Malcolm CasSelle: Creating the WAX Platform

There are more than 400 million people around the world who are into playing online games. Most of them play RPG based games, which requires character customization and buying a lot of items that will aid the player throughout his or her adventure. One company managed to capitalize on the growing industry of virtual trading, and the company is being headed by Malcolm CasSelle. He founded the Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX for short, when he found out how gigantic the industry really is. He wanted to help online players get their hands on the items they wanted, and he knew that by creating a centralized location where all of the trades can be performed, the industry will unquestionably grow further.

Malcolm CasSelle has been managing WAX for more than ten years. Graduating from the MIT Stanford University, Malcolm CasSelle thought that in order for him to become successful, he should either get a job or become an entrepreneur. He started to look for jobs after he graduated from college, and one of the first jobs that he got into was at Tronc, where we served as its President and CTO. He would later join the ranks of OP Skins where he would be appointed as the chief investment officer. He would always be designated at the company’s digital arm, and he is tasked to see how the digital assets of his previous companies are doing. He also co-founded a Hong Kong based company that is now being valued at $35 billion.

Aside from working with the influential corporations, Malcolm CasSelle also became a serial entrepreneur when he decided to open several startups, wherein some became successful in the end. He is also an active investor, investing more of his money to Zynga and Facebook. Aside from the usual investment options, Malcolm CasSelle is also an aggressive buyer of cryptocurrencies, and knowing that it is the future of currency, Malcolm CasSelle decided to integrate the technology on their website. According to Malcolm CasSelle, block chain technology really helped them a lot. Because of the newly created system, online game traders are safely monitored by the program, making sure that no illegal transactions are made.