Keeping the Standards High with David McDonald

Food processing is different now than it was even a decade ago. Modern technology allows different methods to be used, making food fresh and more accessible than ever before. Work in hospitality industry and catering means that the quality has to be very high. Health and safety need to be able to trust companies who supply products that can cause serious health issues if they are not kept properly. OSI Group works hard to ensure that their standards are high, but they also want to inspire other companies to be the same.

One of the companies that changed the way food processing works is OSI group. Their offices in China are not more than 20 years old, and the first place they began serving in China was McDonald’s. The company has been around since the 20s of the last century, but their growth in China happens together with the Chinese economy. Through the years they have learned new techniques and opened more distribution centers around the world.

The captain of this ship is David McDonald and he is very proud of the difference the company makes in food processing. The company supplied food for the Beijing Olympic Games. It included meat, eggs, and onions. They did not receive any complaints about their services, and that was one of the most important feedbacks. OSI Group supplied big chains such as Papa John’s and Burger King. They also provide Starbucks and Subway. Food quality standards are essential for everybody who works at the OSI Group and especially David McDonald.

China is one of the biggest markets out there for food processing companies. It is a smart move to make progress into the market and expand the base of operations to the east. It also is a large customer base that will be receptive to newcomers who introduce high standards into keeping the food quality high.

This was just the first step for David McDonald and OSI Group, and they have since decided to expand the base of operations further. Opening new processing plants is not only a good way to grow the business, but also include the local communities. For more info about us: click here.

David McDonald is proud of being a part of a company that offers jobs and strengthens ties to people because it improves the local infrastructure and allows communities to band together while creating something that will last for years to come. It is even greater than before.