Julia Jackson’s Excellence from Successful Wines to Executive Women Leadership

Julia Jackson works for Jackson Family Wines. The firm was founded in 1982 by her father, Jess Jackson. It is the company behind the famous luxury wine brand, Kendall-Jackson. Jackson Family Wines runs numerous wineries around the world. The company operates in North America, Australia, Chile, France, Italy and South Africa. Besides the Kendall-Jackson brand, the company offers other premium wines such as Anakota, Château Vignot, La Jota and Capensis among numerous other successful brands.

Julia Jackson has had a keen interest in the wine business since she was small. She used to work alongside her father in the grape fields and winery. This inculcated respect for hard work and discipline at an early age. She attended Scripps College based in California for a degree in studio art. She also attended Stanford Graduate School of Business for a course in general management.

Julia Jackson is creative; she is involved in the design of labels for wine bottles from the Cambria Estate Winery, a subsidiary of Jackson Family Wines. Through Cambria Estate Winery, she is also involved in the Seeds of Empowerment Program. This is a non-profit that celebrates women leadership in the community.

Cambria Winery is owned and run by women. They have achieved business success and hold corporate leadership positions. This is the guiding principle behind the non-profit. The leadership at Cambria celebrates their success and inspires others to strive for the same. It supports charities that encourage women leadership. The organization also supports communities living around the Santa Maria Valley.

Seeds of Empowerment runs a recurring annual grant of $100,000. It supports a local and an international charity that celebrates women who have succeeded in difficult situations. Julia Jackson also creates original watercolor paintings of the grant winners. These are printed on limited editions of bottles of wine from the Cambria Winery.

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