John Goullet’s Info Technologies Grows With Merger Into DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet founded Info Technologies and Gene Waddy founded DIVERSANT Inc., both companies that have excelled at filling their client companies’ Information Technology (IT) department openings. Both men are also people of color. They have successfully merged their two companies into a newly combined firm: DIVERSANT LLC. Goullet will serve as CEO and together with Waddy, will increase the joined company’s market, moving forward.

With a great deal of experience in successfully fielding good-fit candidates for their clients’ IT jobs, both men have developed great reputations as world class headhunters, serving the large enterprise businesses of the United States. Goullet’s aim is to grow a business that already has the ear of top management in many Fortune 500 business. By 2010, he had already expertly guided his original company to a $30 million milestone. Waddy had done equally as well with his original company. The two men knew a perfect opportunity when they saw it; they merged to accelerate and enlarge their joined business.

John Goullet has already made waves of success when the prestigious Inc. Magazine ranked his Info Technologies number 8 of America’s fastest growing companies. Along with the merger comes a new Board of Directors to guide DIVERSANT LLC, moving forward. These are very senior people who have a great deal of combined experience in relevant areas of technology and in business acumen. On this board is the Goldman Sachs Global CIO, William J. Grubbs. Also on their Board is Steven M. Scopellite, the CEO of Cross Country Healthcare.