Jim Hunt, On the Lookout for Learning


The global world of business loves the word entrepreneur. It denotes a successful self made business individual, complete in their own right. Entrepreneur—literally means to undertakes, as in a job function, so in the same vein one also considers payment for service after completion of the job. Thus, the best form of a job is to cure a troublesome consequence. Accomplished business people do just that, they tackle problems. Jim Hunt is the foundered of VTA Publications. Jim Hunt is the financial adviser, and the Chief Executive Officer. After years of watching the mechanics of large banking operations, Jim Hunt decided it was time to share his knowledge about what he had learned about banking to the average wannabe investor. In turn, he hoped the average person would utilize the data he offered, and apply it to their financial endeavor, instead of the banks monopolizing on all the money. Jim admits he is not a fan of banks. People need to understand how money works.


A closer look at Jim Hunt shows he is a serious, down to earth kind of guy. He is an early riser, and feels mornings are the most productive time of the day. As a guy who is regimented, both mind and body, he exercises daily and then begins to set strategy goals. Goals that he says will be completed. He will plan marketing objectives, and review stock trade tactics. He believes in balance.


Already recognized as an accomplished trader, he points his energies to teaching and mentoring. His YouTube channel is distinguished and popular; here he instructs others on investments. Jim Hunt breaks down complex ideas into simple chunks of information of which anyone can understand. He is a promoter of self-education, one must read, gain information, and then apply the systematic approaches learned to problem solving. Jim recommends studying behavior patterns, and how the human mind works. As an entrepreneur, one must know thyself and then others.


VTA Publications came on board in 2012; it is a real-world publisher of distance learning courses. The ambition of this company is to deliver up-to-the-minute information to their clients, specifically in economics and finance, also the company offers seminars and events. Read more about Jim at his official page.