Jennifer Walden Returns To Texas With Her Family In Mind

Anyone searching for beauty advice can always consult the beautiful Jennifer Walden. She is a very well-known cosmetic surgeon that also deals with non-invasive surgical procedures, Botox, and Laser surgeries. She recently appeared on ABC and several of the talk shows to discuss non-invasive treatments and beauty secrets. Jennifer is one of the best beauty surgeons in America. Jennifer got her start working in New York under a Manhattan Ear, Throat, and Eye surgeon. Working with the surgeon in NY gave her a lot of experience that helps her today.

Jennifer Walden is the daughter of a dentist and surgical nurse. She had good influences on her life growing up and she hopes her sons will have the same. This is why she moved back to Austin Texas when she did. Being a single mom is challenging and Jennifer takes the role seriously. Jennifer is hoping her sons will play sports like she did. She was voted all-state when she was playing soccer. She has also put several medical awards under her belt. She won the American Women’s Association award and the American Society of Plastic Surgery award.

Plastic surgeons earn a lot of respect doing things like repairing body parts after injuries and helping people to lose unwanted skin after weight loss. Cosmetic surgeons help people by doing facelifts, nose jobs, and boob jobs. They can change the way a person looks at themselves by a tuck and a snip. Jennifer recently opened a new satellite office to better serve the community. She frequently blogs and is a very good writer.

New York was the first place Jennifer worked after graduating with her medical degree. She attended the University of Texas prior to graduating and working in New York. Jennifer was a media commentator and loves to talk about her job. She is also a very good teacher and helps others to understand issues. Jennifer gave birth to two boys and is happy to be back in Texas raising her sons. She works really hard at her job. She is featured in the new American Airlines Magazine. People can read all about her and her stance on particular issues by picking up one of the magazines in the back of the seat in front of them.


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