How Can You Benefit from The American Institute of Architects?

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857. It started when a group of people joined together with a single goal. This goal was to uphold architects and architecture worldwide. A couple of months later, the AIA was established.

Up to this day the American Institute of Architects consists of around 88,000 architects. They bring together architects and architecture, and in doing so provide the fundamentals required for those men and women working hard at what they do best and have a passion for. The American Institute of Architects has a few requirements for continued membership that those memberships of the AIA strive to adhere to, making membership stronger.


The CEO of the AIA is Robert Ivy and he was named such in 2011. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in architecture and English. Robert Ivy became the editor in chief in 1996, prior to being named CEO. In his career, he has been awarded several achievements in media, magazines, and others.

In 2001, Robert Ivy’s biography, “Fay Jones Architect” was published. It was given one of the highest rankings for scholarship, design and production.

The Business of Architecture

The working environment they have created within the industry of architecture and those who work in it is competitive and fair. They support and encourage one another to help in advancing the profession, uplifting the entire vocation for enterprise and economic wellbeing.

The Focus of the AIA

The American Institute of Architects works on different levels to deliver a strong working environment that focuses on design, the health of the profession, as well as the professional security and welfare of its members. They have done numerous things to make policies that meet the standards and needs of smaller firms.

Protecting Architectural Services

Because architects are responsible for the overall strength of the building environment, they make sure that services are provided only by people with the right education andexperience certification as well as licensing. Most states require a professional degree to work as an architect and there are courses available in both the US and Canada that can help you reach this goal.

The AIA and Robert Ivy are working together to protect architecture and architectural services in the US as well as worldwide. With their hard work and dedication, this profession will remain strong and continue to grow for many years. Learn more: