Geoffrey Cone Warns About Moving to New Zealand

It would seem odd that someone who comes from New Zealand and often talks about how much he loves the country to warn people about moving there, but that is exactly what Geoffrey Cone has set out to do so that people will be able to understand what it really means to move to New Zealand.


New Zealand is one of the best places on the planet for people who want to live in a great country that is going to be comfortable to live in for people around the world. It is a country that has been able to serve the needs of thousands of people who have immigrated there and it is a great way for people to truly live somewhere that is a beautiful place. The job market and the houses are also really wonderful for people who live in New Zealand.


This is where the tricky part comes in. Geoffrey Cone thinks that it is great for people to live in New Zealand and who want to move there but he warns of moving there for the wrong reasons. Some people may think that New Zealand is the great place to live to be able to save on taxes but Geoffrey Cone knows that this is not the case. He wants to make sure that they know that taxes are not cheaper in New Zealand and that people will be expected to pay around the same amount as what they would in any other country in the world.


There are so many people who move to New Zealand because they think they will be saving money on taxes. This is a misconception that has been passed around for a long time and it could have come from the fact that New Zealand touts itself as one of the only countries that offers tax transparency. This only means that they are open about their taxes and not that they have reduced taxes. The best benefit that people get from New Zealand tax transparency is that they are able to see what they can pay in taxes before they move there.


People should not be discouraged, though. There are many other countries that are not New Zealand that they can move to that do offer tax free living. These are countries that are great for people who are in different areas and who want to get the same benefits that comes with different things. It is always a good idea for people who are moving to a tax-free country to learn as much about the country as they can so that they are not surprised with what life is like in these oftentimes developing countries that are tax free.