Eric Pulier Gives Back With Technology

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur and businessman who has had the unique luck to have known what he has wanted to do ever since he was a child. Eric Pulier has been considered to be the jack of all trades and the master of all. As an expert in both the business industry as well as in the technology industry, he has been able to apply his talents to helping individuals around the world with relevant problems. With his motivation to be successful, Eric Pulier is the successful founder and co-founder of over 15 different companies. As a businessman, Eric Pulier understands what it is like to fail and states that it is not money that makes one successful, but rather it is how one handles failure. With his 15 companies that he has founded and co-founded, Eric Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. As an innovator, this money and his companies have all been raised and developed to help spur economic growth and to spread information around the world.

Eric Pulier started his career right after university where he graduated at the top of his class from Harvard University with a degree in English and American literature. After university, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in order to start his successful career. By 1991, Eric Pulier had founded People Doing Things which is a company that was specifically designed to create technology that is committed to spreading knowledge to individuals about current and up to date topics. One topic that continues to be involved his Pulier’s companies is the specific top c of healthcare which is a growing issue in the United States.

As a businessman, Eric Pulier has many accomplishments to be proud. One of the accomplishments that he is the most proud of is a social media site that he built for chronically ill children. This site is designed in encourage children with diagnosed illnesses to communicate with each other. This social media platform has become a great success and has been incorporated in over 70 different hospitals located around the United States.