Doe Deere’s Lime

 Doe Deere was born in Russia. Growing up Doe always felt different from everyone else. At the age of 13, back in Russia, she had a business. She sold temporary tattoos. She really enjoyed doing this. Doe would sell the temporary tattoos to her classmates. She even made it popular and wore it on her skin to show how cool they looked. She came to the United States at the age of 17. She first lived in New York City from 1998 until 2012. She first lived in Manhattan and then she moved to Brooklyn. In New York, she went to FIT and majored in Fashion Design. She was in a band. She met her husband while in the band. They both were the songwriters and promoters of the band. Through this experience they both learned how to work together. During her time as a musician she learned about marketing. Doe always had a business like mind.

Later on in Doe’s life she had learned that she was like everyone else and that she had a place in the universe like everyone else. Doe was attracted to bright and unique colors. At the time it was hard for her to find the type of colors that she found intriguing. This is when she decided to start making makeup with bright colors that were appealing to her. To her surprise girls seemed to be drawn to these bright and bold colors. This is the reason Doe Deere was able to be successful. There was a demand for something different in the makeup world and she found the formula to fill the need. That is how Lime Crime was created and born. Doe felt free to be herself. The colors for her represented a way that people could express themselves.

Doe came up with Unicorn Lipsticks in 2004. The Unicorn lipsticks were as unique and eye drawing as a unicorn. They were the first colorful lipsticks at the time. All of her products are cruelty-free and vegan. Her Unicorns are what inspire her to create such beautiful and vivid colors for makeup. In the beauty community Doe Deere is highly regarded. Doe refused to give up on her dream and as a result has inspired other female entrepreneurs. She encourages them to follow their daydream. At the 2014 PHAMExpo Doe said, “Being you is the best business you can possibly get in”.

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