Dealing With Unwanted Images Online

Anthony Weiner was a Congressman until racy photos that were intended for a college student were leaked online by a journalist. Once the pictures were displayed, he resigned from his political office. There are ways to handle unfavorable photos that are posted so that the businessman can gain the positive respect that was once held.


Act immediately and quickly once you see that there have been photos released. There are some laws that can protect those who have had pictures taken and published without permission. Put yourself in a positive light by making the company website user-friendly. You also want customers to be able to access the website on multiple sources. Offer positive posts instead of those that could be seen as negative. Don’t offer any links that could be associated with pictures that portray a negative image.


If the company is at fault, it’s best to take responsibility as soon as possible. Offer a way that the company will rectify the situation. A public relations manager can help with damage control by offering positive news. Learn from the mistakes that have been made. Change passwords, and make it difficult for others to access your accounts so that images aren’t released.


Darius Fisher is a man who believes that businessmen deserve a second chance. These include politicians and small businessmen. When there has been a negative image, Fisher wants to help make the situation right so that the business can succeed in the future.
There are moral standards that Fisher abides by as he does turn some people away. He believes that there are two sides to every situation. The general public should be able to hear each side before making a decision. Fisher ( tries to help the businessman tell his side of the story in a positive and respectful manner.