David Osio’s Firm Launches a New App, “Davos CAP Calculator”

Davos Financial Group’s subsidiary, Davos Real Estate Group (REG), launched a new app called “Davos CAP Calculator.” Based on Davos REG’s executives, the app will help in estimating returns on real estate investments. REG is the largest company in Venezuela, and it specializes in providing financial advice. The executive director of this company is Gerard Gonzalez. For close to six months, Gonzalez and Company Tecknolution have been working together to develop the app.


REG’s new app bears the latest technology and is compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. According to the company’s officials, more apps are in the development process. These applications will enable clients to find properties and subsequently send property reports to Davos agents. David Osio congratulated Davos REG for its achievement and added that the new app would streamline business transactions. Aside from calculating investment returns, the app also serves as a mortgage calculator. It can assess and calculate mortgage balance and its associated interest rates. Additionally, Davos REG looks forward to expanding its business globally.


David Osio: Education, Career, and Philanthropy


David Osio is a Venezuelan national and head of Davos Financial Group. He studied at Catholic University Andres Bello. He later majored in international banking law at IESA. Prior to establishing Davos Financial Group, Osio worked as the executive principal of OPED Enterprise. He got a job at Letco Commercial Companies where he was in charge of the marketing division. In 1984, Osio took up another job at MGO, a law firm in Caracas. While working at MGO, he got a chance to interact with corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank. This position allowed him to acquire skills such as portfolio management, strategic planning, investment banking, and asset management.


In 1989, Osio was promoted to VP of commercial banking at Banco Latino International. At this bank, he was in charge of managing private banking operations and corporate clients. Four years later, he established Davos Financial Group, a company that offers financial guidance to clients. Osio has facilitated the growth of this entity from its infancy to a trusted global service provider. Davos Financial Group’s growth is seen through its increased annual revenue and establishment of branches in Miami, Geneva, Panama City, and New York. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Osio is also a philanthropist. Through his group of companies, he donates to the UMA Foundation, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Fundana Foundation and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation.

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