David Giertz explains why workers need to learn more about their social security benefits

Imagine working hard your entire life, and investing in your later years only to find that the benefits you are receiving are by far too little compared to what they expected? Well, this is the nightmares that many pensioners have to face after their lifetime savings plans are compromised by the wrong investment decisions that they make. There is one investor who believes that it is high time financial advisers stopped avoiding the subject of social security benefits with their clients. David Giertz, a senior vice president at one of the subsidiaries of the Nationwide Life Insurance Company, was interviewed by the wall street journal about the issue.


He gave details of a study that they had conducted about the level of knowledge people had about social security benefits. About 86 percent of the people questioned had no idea about the factors which determine the amount they were receiving as benefits. Even more alarming was the fact that more than a third of the pensioners were receiving benefits that were much less than what they had expected. David said that financial advisers shy away from the topic because to start with, it is one of the most complex issues to address. Explaining the entire 2,700 rules that affect the manner in which the social security benefits are administered is tedious for most. On the other hand, the customers seem eager to learn more about the role that social security benefits play in their entire retirement plan.


About David Giertz


David has 31 years of experience as a financial advisor. He has been working with the Nationwide Financial Company as a senior vice president since 2013. He is FINRA certified broker and has worked in several other administrative posts at the company. He is well respected in the field. He is currently based at the headquarters of the company in Columbus, Ohio.