Cotemar Surfaces as an Environment Conscious Mexican Giant in the Oil Industry

Cotemar is an oil and gas company offering services in offshore oil field development, construction, maintenance and also offers petroleum services. The company takes pride in its roots and operates entirely out of Mexico. Cotemar assures that it can provide the best class of services which are of an extremely high caliber and meet the expectations that their clients have for them.


The company strongly believes in contributing to the oil and gas industry by being efficient and implementing the use of best industry recognized standards for technology, based on their mission statement. They aim to participate, on an international level, in new business within the oil and gas market and implement innovative work methods to increase the overall efficiency of the company.


Recently, the company acquired an entire fleet of hi-tech modernized boats. Cotemar strongly believes in the use of modern technology to help its employees and services. Safety is one of the main goals of the company, and they make active efforts to ensure the protection of the employee’s mental and physical health and the prevention of injuries. For this purpose, they have boats specially designed for emergency purposes such as accidents or natural calamities. Owing to this work atmosphere, some employees have claimed that Cotemar creates a pleasant and safe work environment and the company works effortlessly to ensure that the number of accidents is kept to a bare minimum.


One of the main priorities of Cotemar is the safety of the environment. To reduce the effect of their work on the environment, they have adopted modern technological means to preserve and help the environment. In addition to these efforts, all broken electronic waste is safely disposed of with Recicla Electrónicos México.


Cotemar works around a very strong work ethic and uses it to govern the guidelines that support and lead the company. The company believes in a commitment to society and the environment and encourages it among its employees.


Most recently, Cotemar signed a contract with AeroScout which provides real-time location services. According to the contract, Cotemar is all set to equip its workers with Wi-Fi RFID chips to ensure their safety. This will not only allow the company to keep track of their workers but also provide valuable information if they ever go missing.

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