CEO Sheldon Lavin Strategies of Success

Sheldon Lavin is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group. OSI Group is one of the largest privately owned companies, with over 20,000 employees, and over $6 billion dollars in sales at the end of the year 2016. Through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin OSI Group became a company that benefitted the entire planet.

Having a diverse skill set is what has helped Mr. Lavin succeed in his various business ventures. Some needed skills to be successful in business that Mr. Lavin have are marketing, large-scale financial operations, and transforming small companies into global giants through business management and leadership. Mr. Lavin has also mastered the skill of delegation. Through this, he is able to interact with all facets of an operation with little actual influence. He employs trusted and skilled individuals to run operations, meanwhile spending short moments of time managing the work of those few.

Scaling helped his small company grow. While Mr. Laving could have spent their first fruits on a lavish life and trinkets, the money was put back in the company or other investments. He believes the lifeblood of a company is holding off on the joys of success to invest wisely. Sheldon Lavin is a staple in the business world, however, it is also his practices that people are awarding him.

Hoping that the leaders of corporations to come will follow in his footsteps as well as the general wellbeing of the world, Mr. Lavin has implemented many environmentally safe practices in his company. Sheldon Lavin was awarded Global Visionary of the year in 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy. This award is given to individuals and organizations that have promoted the overall health and well being of our world. OSI Group works internationally and has established jobs across the globe. Sheldon Lavin has helped also put into place practices for business to be environmentally conscious and preventative to the health of the planet. Mr. Lavin hopes to operate his company in such a way that will inspire the next Millennial leaders to put these concerns always as a high priority.

Accomplishing all of these still was not the first priority for Mr. Lavin. He believes his greatest success is giving back to his community along with his family. He and his wife raised 3 children and see the investment in their family as a legacy that will outlast any business venture.

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