Kim Dao’s video called skin treatment injection in Korea was informative and beautifully done. She appears at the beginning of the video with a beautiful fur jacket and then she takes a taxi to the dermatology clinic. Kim Dao takes the elevator to reach the clinic to have the treatment done. She arrives and is welcomed with a special gift bag from Beatique Korea. This bag is given to all new patients. The bag included snacks, a charger for your phone, and skin masks. Kim Dao mentioned how welcomed she felt because of the gift bag and the snacks inside. She also said she forgot her phone charger adaptor, therefore, one in the gift bag was appreciated. Kim Dao felt her skin was dry and her skin tone was uneven. The staff in the clinic told pictures of her for a before and after. The doctor told her that her skin was very dry as she had thought. He recommended a PIP treatment. Kim Dao said this treatment was to remove very small amounts blood from other parts of your body and put it back into your face. This causes your faces skin texture to improve. She said the entire treatment was almost completely painless.