Matt Badiali Links The Housing Boom With Increased Demand for Lumber

     The demand for housing is on the rise meaning that contractors are building more and more. The rebound from the real estate crunch started in 2009 and things have always been on a steady rise since then. While regular investors will be thinking of spending money developing real estate under such circumstances, Matt Badiali is taking a different approach and thinking of putting his money in the lumber business.

And he has facts to back it up. According to a Forestry estimation, the demand for wood and lumber is up by an impressive 66 percent since the early months of 2016. This is an impressive appreciation on the investment that is still showing no signs of slowing down since the demand for more lumber keeps on flocking in.

While lumber might not be as lucrative as the real estate flipping itself, Matt Badiali believes that the fact that lumber will sell faster means that you can make your profits faster on a growing market as opposed to sitting with real estate property that might take a while to complete and sell. He has been advising his readers to tentatively consider investing in lumber as the results will definitely be impressive.

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali edits for the S&A Resource Report, offering advice on natural resource investments. This means that he is perfectly placed to make wise calls on things like oil, water, copper, natural gas, crops, forest and even water. As an highly skilled geologist, Matt has learnt that the best way to get results is by being in close touch with whatever you are monitoring. This is the very same approach he uses whenever identifying market trends that are worth his time.

This very practical involvement has seen him come up with unusual but lucrative investment ideas that could easily turn an otherwise dormant market trend into a four or three digit earner in just months. His reputation has earned him profound respect to his readers.

Matt Badiali is a Master’s degree holder who has a Florida Atlantic University degree. He specialized in geology, hydrology and oil making him a sound consultant to oil industry stakeholders. It is his eye for lucrative investment deals that has seen him cement is position as a trader and trading adviser to a wide range of audiences that have the money but are still looking for valuable but unique markets to venture into.

Hurricane Harvey, which hit the Houston area earlier this summer, did $23 billion in property damage. Over $4.1 billion…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Friday, October 6, 2017

Ted Bauman: Writing Economically

     The current Editorial Director for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is a dedicated and capable man. Currently residing in Atlanta, Bauman works as the editor for The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. As Editorial Director, Bauman has used his platform to contribute to the good of his community and expand the prospects of many. The work that he does with these publications highlight a passion Bauman has for providing individuals with tips on how to gain financial security and the ability to grow their own personal wealth. His deep library of helpful articles is designed to make the information he provides more accessible to the public. In fact, there are countless articles written by Bauman that are provided to the public for free. This exchange of information ensures that Bauman’s message can meet a variety of people during different points in their lives to make a substantial difference.

Bauman has always worked in a role that would contribute to his community in one way or another. Since his graduation from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, he has impacted the lives of countless individuals. While at the University of Cape Town, Bauman discovered that he had a passion for History and Economics, obtaining a postgraduate degree in both. He parlayed that experience into a job as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. This work ignited a passion within Bauman and he eventually found himself working for multiple organizations, also interested in creating low-cost housing projects. He traveled extensively to help coordinate projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and even the Caribbean. This experience has only served to bolster the information that he currently provides to his readers.

After coming back to the United States permanently, Bauman served as the Director of International Housing with Habitat for Humanity International for five years. This gave him experience in the financial aspects of a large-scale international project; however, it did not completely satisfy his vocational needs. During this time, he found that he wanted to focus on his writing and he was able to secure a position with Banyan Hill Publishing to do that. Feeding into his giving nature, Bauman started writing for Banyan Hill Publishing’s free newsletter on a weekly basis and began publishing in multiple respected international journals. Currently, Bauman continues to be an experienced writer in his field, contributing substantially to global knowledge in economics.


Matt Badiali Offering Investment Advice in Mining, Energy and Agricultural Sector

     Banyan Hill Publishing recently hired Matt Badiali as a resource expert who would help them in identifying the investment opportunities in the mining, energy and agricultural sectors. Matt Badiali is one of the top natural resource experts and has years of experience working in the industry. He has worked with numerous companies over the years that were in the mining and environmental sectors. He has also spoken at many geological conferences around the world.

One thing that sets Matt Badiali apart from other investment experts is that he has a lot of on-field experience on the sectors that he profits by investing. He has himself owned a number of oil wells, worked on drill rigs himself and also has explored abandoned mines to ensure that his investment is safe. He has traveled around the world to find investment opportunities. According to him, if one cannot see for themselves where they are investing, their money is never safe.

Matt Badiali is continuously learning about different investment opportunities that others fail to see. By learning about the new trends in these markets and talking to CEOs and other resource investors in the mining industries, he keeps himself updated with the latest discoveries, latest technology being used and the new trends in the market. As a financial publisher, he feels it is his duty to find rare opportunities for his readers so that they can make use of it before the opportunity turns into a mainstream investment plan where the profits are not very high.

One advice that Matt Badiali gives to those looking to invest in natural resources is to stay away from companies that are in debt. Since debt is a cost that needs to be paid by the company irrespective of the amount of income that they are earning. He also points out that it is much easier for people to determine if a company has assets and real value than it was before. It is essential for investors to do their research properly before investing.

Matt Badiali earned his B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and also has a Masters of Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Before joining Banyan Hill, he worked as the editor of the Stansberry Research Resource Report that was a monthly magazine offering advice to people on investing in metals, energy and other natural resources. He has also been a part-time professor at Duke University and the University of North Caroline where he taught geology.


The Downside Risk of Rochester Web Design That No One Is Talking About

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Using Rochester Web Design

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The Rochester Web Design Trap

Also, but the sign you opt to represent your organization with will probably be a customer’s first contact with your business. Either way, be confident your company is being seen as an indication that satisfies your institution’s budget and taste. Typically, your sign advertises more about your business to possible customers than every other kind of advertisement. This is something that you may either do yourself, or you may leave it with my company. Just take some time and think about precisely how much the web has altered the manner that most companies do their business today. The industrial cleaning Rochester NY companies offer to enable you to ensure your office is in excellent condition without making the opportunity to clean it yourself.

Rochester Web Design Features

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The Supreme Approach to atomic design rochester

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Shaygan Kheradpir Leads Coriant into the Future


Coriant, the optical transport vendor recently named Shaygan Kheradpir to lead as its new CEO. He also serves as the Chairman if the Board of Coriant as well. He took over for Pat DiPietro, who took on the position of vice chairman and an operating partner at Martin Equity. Martin Equity built Coriant by combining Nokia’s optical unit, with Tellabs and part of the company Sycamore Networks. He had been working with the senior management of Coriant for the past several months as Operating Manager at Marlin Equity.

Coriant develops network solutions, and is helping with the new cloud-enabled business place. The Coriant portfolio of transport solutions enables networks to reduce their complexity, improve operations and create new ways to develop new sources of revenue. Coriant operates in more than 100 countries, with both mobile and fixed line service providers. They work with content providers, government agencies, utilities, and financial intuitions to find network solutions. Kheradpir is charged with helping to further expand Cordiant’s presence in the marketplace.

Kheradpir is a business and technology leader, who has almost 30 years of executive experience in telecom, technology and financial services. He spent time at GTE and Verizon Communications, as well as Barclay’s Bank. He served for a short period of time as CEO of Juniper. At Verizon he served as Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer. He was a member of the team of Executives leading to their systems modernization. He worked on teams that built new initiatives, including FiOS. While at Verizon, he reduced its information technology budget to 4 percent of revenues from 6 percent. He reduced IT staff by 20 percent and saved the company 30 percent in technology expenses. At Barclay’s Bank he was Chief Operations and Technology Officer. He helped with the creating the company’s TRANSFORM program.

Shaygan Kheradpir, claims he takes all his tasks seriously. He finds a way to solve problems and then surrounds himself with people who have the same drive and conviction he has, to solve problems effectively. His goal at Coriant is to lead them into the future of rapidly changing technology and to be one of the major leaders in that change.

Check out http://www.shaygankheradpir.com/ for more information