The passage of time is inevitable, and the effects of its movements are difficult to cope with. While some struggle with the more cosmetic side of aging, others are dealt a more tragic hand. Age-related illnesses, like Alzheimer’s, Atheroscierosis, and Diabetes, are all painful, troubling experiences for anyone to go through. If you or someone you now has suffered from one of these unfortunate consequences of age, the difficulty of such a trial is evident.

But how can this issue be fixed? Those diseases don’t have a cure, right?

Fortunately, there are a number of dedicated, passionate individuals who give their time, energy, and expertise to the cause of age-related diseases. One of these people is Jason Hope, a entrepreneur and philanthropist. Hope has done much for the cause, but his most outstanding achievement was a half million dollar donation to the SENS Foundation, an organization centered on regenerative medical research. Hope’s donation was extremely crucial and provided the SENS foundation with significant help in furthering its goals of reducing the damage of age-related illnesses through the promotion and development of technologies.

Jason Hope’s donation to the SENS foundation was a great act of charity, but his resume of effective hard work does not end there. Hope is a self-described “futurist,” who demonstrates a clear knowledge of technology and the direction that it is advancing. His experience in the field places him in an excellent position to give insight to those in the field of technology. Hope constantly shares expertise through a number of blog posts, all related to the internet and technology in general.

One of Hope’s focuses is the “Internet of Things,” a concept that essentially describes massive interconnectivity between devices. Devices that collect and transfer data, through connection to the internet, are all considered within the Internet of Things. Hope has written several pieces on this concept – one which continues to grow in relevance to everyone. In the article “4 Predictions for the Internet of Things in 2016,” Hope lays out several interesting predictions about the future of the Internet of Things, including the rise of printed electronics and adoption of IOT devices by the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Clearly, Hope is well-versed and educated in the realm of technology. For anyone interested in the field, he’d be a great person to look at for inspiration.

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