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Rick Smith: Securing Correctional Facilities with Technology

Securus Technologies is an American communications company which is providing communication services inside North American correctional facilities. The present chief executive officer is Rick Smith, who previously served as the president of Eschelon Telecom Inc. His expertise in the field of communications was noticed by Securus Technologies, and he was invited to become the company’s chief executive officer in 2008. Rick Smith accepted the challenged and has been leading the company ever since. Under his leadership, the Texas based Communications Company managed to expand further into Canada, and they have been developing new communications technology that can be used inside the correctional facilities. They are currently offering services like video calling, traditional voice call, and voice mail among others.

Securus Technologies is among the pioneers in the prison communication business. They have been operating for so many years now, and they managed to experience tremendous growth when Rick Smith has taken over. The company has been focusing on the improvement of video calling services, as the company wanted it to become faster, clearer and better. A number of patents pertaining to this technology have been submitted by Securus Technologies, meaning that the improvements and developments by them would be protected by rights. With the number of services that Securus Technologies is currently providing, prisons across all partner correctional facilities are enjoying the service and so far have given the company a satisfying rating. Rick Smith have stated before that the company is not just focusing on video calling technology, but they are also working on systems that would help the authorities, especially in identifying inmates so that they can be easily organized inside the cells.

They are also developing face detection technology that would use the files taken from the video calling platform to help locating inmates who would try to escape the facility. Rick Smith also revealed a technology which would gather prison information that can be used to create a collection of data identifying the most number of crimes committed in a particular area, and how it can be averted.The potential of their technologies are endless, and they still have a lot of time in developing new ones which would help the security of those inside the facilities and of the public.Rick Smith is very serious in making Securus Technologies a global brand. As of today, they are trying to partner with correctional facilities outside North America, and have stated that they invested $600 million to protect their inventions and patents. Correctional facility communications is a serious business that rakes in a lot of profit, and Rick Smith wanted to show the world that they can outperform their competitors in the market, and they can easily beat their previous records. Rick Smith is very optimistic that with their investment in new ventures and innovations, Securus Technologies would be the number one choice among the authorities.

Bob Reina – article recap


Before we get to the article recap, let’s begin with a brief bio on Bob Reina. He is the founder and acting CEO for Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion, for those who do not know, is a video communications series for Direct Selling. He is using the Direct Selling for an ultimate purpose and goal. It’s not just about money for him. There is an end goal. If you want to know more about how to get involved with Direct Selling and his purpose, you need to get with Bob.


It’s more then a series for Bob. Bob is looking to turn Talk Fusion into a global billion dollar brand. What is different about Bob’s brand is how he using the medium. He is using it primarily to draw attention to animals and animal cruelty. Bob is looking to use his voice to give these animals a voice. He uses direct selling as a way to angle his purpose. If you wish to find out more about his Talk Fusion brand, please visit this link right here.

Now let’s get on with the recap.



Talk Fusion is about helping people. Since it’s opening, Bob has been involved in things like animal cruelty and helping others who are suffering. Bob is harnessing direct selling techniques to tap into his client’s consciousness. He is using direct selling to raise awareness to specific types of cruelty happening in the world around us.


“When you become successful in this world, many people feel that is it. There is more to life then money and fame. Once you are out there in the public eye, you have a greater responsibility. You have a voice. It’s up to you to use your voice to help out others. It’s important to give others a voice through your voice, especially those who are not given a chance. This is all part of our Talk Fusion Culture. It’s designed to get people talking about things, things they might not be talking about otherwise.”


Bob, through his direct selling techniques, help others to reach their goals. It’s win-win for everyone, he says. “Once you tap into someone’s dreams, there’s no limits. Once people reach their goals, it encourages them to do good for others. Basically, you are killing two birds with one stone here.”

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LED Lighting Can Save You Money

Yes, LED lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to go. However, there are still some misconceptions attached to the subject of LED lighting. These misconceptions we hope to clear up in this content.

1) The one thing you need to look out for is the type of LED lighting you use. Many assume that all LED lighting is okay to use. This is not true. The one thing you have to look out for are the LED’s that won’t dim. These are easy to spot too. LED’s use a less-traditional switch system. These will not work well with the traditional dimming lights. You know the ones I am talking about.

The two will not go together. The non-dimming will work okay with the incandescents. Most of you should know already the difference between bright lighting and the energy you draw. It’s not the same thing. Which is why the discussion of buying based on lumens, not watts, comes up. If you really want something that will dim, you will have to find LED lighting that does this.

2) The other big misconception is that Gooee’s LED lighting is going to save you money. In truth, it’s a yes and no answer. In the beginning, it’s going to cost you more. In the long-term, it’s going to save you money. See the difference?

The other issue with this is, most feel they will be seeing a big drop in their bill. Not true. Unless you plan to replace every bulb in the house, your bill is going to remain the same. This explanation is why the answer to this question gets a yes and no.