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The Five Steps to Keeping Your Online Reputation Safe

Standing as the President and CEO of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, co-founder of Status Labs, is an avid entrepreneur and a digital marketing and communications professional. As a proud graduate of Vanderbilt University, receiving honors in his specialized field of economics, Fisher set off to establish a company of his own. With a passion towards second chances, Darius Fisher founded Status Labs as a crisis and online reputation management company where he and his team can provide clients with help through negative press.
Fishers passionate work and leadership has grown the company to receive revenue growth of roughly 939%. From this, he has been awarded titles, such as Business Development Individual of the Year. In addition to his successful leadership, Fisher upholds strong moral codes that make him a unique business man. He holds a strong belief in treating employees well and only taking on clients who deserve second chances. Due to this, Fisher has shown himself as a successful entrepreneur, a caring boss, and a man with morals.
On the topic of managing online reputation, Fisher gave his five pieces of advice to Sally Kohn on what everyone with an online profile should do to stay safe from being doxxed. First, Fisher states that all personal data, including one’s address and phone number, should be removed. This should be done quarterly since websites, such as Whitepages, often update their databases yearly.
Second, Fisher states that, unless one is a public figure or business, all social media posts should be put on private. Kohn adds that it is best to make sure nothing being posted on a social media site is something one would not want the public seeing.
Third, passwords should be updated four times a year and should not match passwords being used for other accounts. Though this can be tricky to remember, it can be incredibly helpful in keeping one’s identity safe. Fisher also suggests writing these passwords on a piece of paper and sticking it in a drawer for safe keeping.
Fourth, Fisher reminds to Google oneself to see what sites and information is popping up. It is important to know what people in a variety of areas, location can alter what appears in the search, are finding when one’s name is googled.
Fifth, before applying for a job, it is suggested one cleans out their social media, removing anything that is less than positive. In doing so, one can help better their digital image.
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When Your Online Reputation Gets Screwed

What happens when the business that is suppose to help you get in the positive media spotlight has a negative reputation? Status labs is based in Austin, Texas and they are a crisis and online reputation firm. They help to recover your online reputation if it has been compromised, and that is exactly what happened to them. The company experience a negative media view with bad press attached to their company. This, obviously, ruined their reputation as a trustworthy company and things quickly began to go down hill for them.


Of course having the knowledge of how to get rid of negative press and being a company that specializes in just that is always a plus. The company offered second chances to thousands of companys. Now being one of them, Status Labs had to do a complete 360 to get their business back in the positive views of the public.


Their first change was in their leadership. The executive was asked to resign from his position. They then decided to become a better company as a whole. getting their name in positive light by helping out with charity and volunteering with non profit organizations. This had a very positive effect for the company as it not only put their name in a positive light with the media, but it also helped with employee spirit and team bonding. The stress that negative media has on a company as a whole is greater then what you just see on the outside. The employees on the inside were suffering as well. The decision of deciding to stay or leave the company had a huge impact on the happiness of the staff. Status Labs then decided to start treating their employees better by giving then a better work experience. Status Labs started giving their employees an option to have stock in the company. They also catered lunches and started having more achievements recognized within the business.


Status Labs learned a lot from this experience as it has helped to better the company. They are now more cautious as to who they hire onto their team of experts.


Status labs help with online reputation management as well as search engine optimization help. They offer free consultations and want to ensure that you look your best in search results. Status Labs has completely turned their company around for the better.

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Dealing With Unwanted Images Online

Anthony Weiner was a Congressman until racy photos that were intended for a college student were leaked online by a journalist. Once the pictures were displayed, he resigned from his political office. There are ways to handle unfavorable photos that are posted so that the businessman can gain the positive respect that was once held.


Act immediately and quickly once you see that there have been photos released. There are some laws that can protect those who have had pictures taken and published without permission. Put yourself in a positive light by making the company website user-friendly. You also want customers to be able to access the website on multiple sources. Offer positive posts instead of those that could be seen as negative. Don’t offer any links that could be associated with pictures that portray a negative image.


If the company is at fault, it’s best to take responsibility as soon as possible. Offer a way that the company will rectify the situation. A public relations manager can help with damage control by offering positive news. Learn from the mistakes that have been made. Change passwords, and make it difficult for others to access your accounts so that images aren’t released.


Darius Fisher is a man who believes that businessmen deserve a second chance. These include politicians and small businessmen. When there has been a negative image, Fisher wants to help make the situation right so that the business can succeed in the future.
There are moral standards that Fisher abides by as he does turn some people away. He believes that there are two sides to every situation. The general public should be able to hear each side before making a decision. Fisher ( tries to help the businessman tell his side of the story in a positive and respectful manner.