In the county of Middlesex and home of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey near the Raritan River is home to less than 60,000 residents. High in ethnic diversity, you will find both Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceuticals headquartered in “the hub city.” Also the birthplace of renowned Redskins quarterback Joe Theisman, New Brunswick got its nick name of the hub city because of its central location inland and it has historical ties as a railway and a hub for the Maritimes.

Located on Nielson Street, The Quincy is a troubled apartment complex. Offering about 100 units including studio, one and two bedrooms, they currently do not have any units available for rent. Several acts of crime have given the site a less than desirable reputation of lacking convenience and security. Two particular incidents follow, though they are not heavily documented, they are part of what gives the community its crime “hotspot” reputation.

Around 9:30pm on October 7, 2015 police scanners alerted law enforcement of at least four shots fired. One injured person was believed to have been transported to a local hospital by the suspect. Injuries at the time were minor.

In another shooting report with a minor injury on May 7, 2013 pizza was being delivered to a unit in the same complex. It was a routine delivery; however, when the driver arrived at the unit, the occupants said they had not ordered anything and the driver returned to his vehicle. Unfortunately, three alleged gang members were waiting for him. He was shot, robbed of his wallet and money, and the pizza was stolen. He was later treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. Using pinging capabilities, police tied the incident to a 21-year-old male resident, who was believed to be the leader of the three men and was later charged with obstruction of justice, robbery, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Today, a large assortment of crimes including robbery, shooting, and domestic disputes continue to plague this housing facility.

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