George Soros – A Man Who Speaks Money

George Soros is best known for being “the political billionaire”. While it is true that his political activities and social activism have taken the majority of the media coverage concerning him in recent years, what many do not know is that he is a man who has been the driving force behind the financial success of thousands for decades. He is one of the richest men in the world, he is also the kind of man who, when he speaks on matters of business and finance, is listened to.

George Soros started out in humble beginning. He was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. As a young person, he was thrust into a world of darkness and despair as he struggled along with his family and countless others to survive the Nazi occupation of his home, a task made even more difficult by hi being Jewish. When he was able to he fled Hungry and immigrated to England, where he took a job as a railroad porter and later as a waiter to support himself and pay for his attendance at the London School of Economics. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

It was from here that his stellar career in the financial sector began, first with a job at a merchant bank, and then at investment firms and finance houses where he proved he had a natural, almost godly gifted, talent for working with numbers and growing money. It wasn’t long before he took his reputation and moved to New York City, where he, in 1969 started his first fun, later to be known as The Quantum Fund, with only Twelve Million dollars. Out of the success of this fund, he started Soros Fund Management, and to this day he is still a primary component of the firm’s operation and decision making.

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In his leadership capacity at SFM he recently appointed Dawn Fitzpatrick to be the Chief Investment Officer, putting her in charge of the firm’s portfolio, and handing over the reins of the firm’s primary assets section. She is one of the most successful female executive on Wall Street and will serve as the seventh CIO for SFM since 2000. It is expected that she will be around for quite a while, however, since Soros has stated that it took a long time to find the right person for the job, but he feels confident that with Fitzpatrick at the helm of the firm’s portfolio, the long track record of excellence and success will continue for many years to come.

While George Soros may be best known for being the “political Billionaire” he earned the billionaire part through shrewd and careful management and attention to detail. He is a man who should be listened to when he speaks, for he speaks with the voice of experience and wisdom. Learn more on about George Soros.

Karl Heideck- The Philadelphia-Based Litigator With An Impeccable Resume

Karl Heideck- The Philadelphia-Based Litigator With An Impeccable Resume

Karl Heideck- The Philadelphia-Based Litigator With An Impeccable Resume

Litigation refers to the legal act of solving a dispute between two persons that may be defending or enforcing a legal right. Litigation can include disputes between corporations and individuals in handling business matters, competition, contract issues, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring complications.

A litigator is an attorney who represents the complainant in the civil case and undertakes all that is required in the litigation process. This includes assisting the plaintiff with investigations, pleadings, and discovery. Additionally, the litigator is also needed to handle all details about the pre-trial, trial, settlement, as well as the appeal. In most instances, it is better to solve a dispute out of court and may require holding a ‘without prejudice’ meeting with the defendant and their litigator. The benefit of this is that one may discover that the individual they want to sue is broke and cannot pay the damages.

A litigator must have an undergraduate degree, pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and acquire a Juris Doctor Degree from an Accredited Law School. Finally, before they are handed a license, they must pass a bar exam. When one obtains their valid license, they can start practicing litigation to gain the relevant experience.

Information on Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a prominent litigator based in Philadelphia and has approximately eight years of experience in litigation matters. He earned his Juris Doctor from Temple University Beasley School of Law. Besides, he has all the other relevant education requirements that litigator must possess.

Other than litigation, Karl Heideck also specializes in risk management, acquisitions, and compliance reviews. Karl began his career as a litigator by being an associate for eight months at Conrad O’Brien. He later was hired as a Project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP where he worked for nearly four years. Currently, he is working as a contract litigator at Grant and Eisenhofer since 2015.

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The Success of Sujit Choudhry

To study comparative law is to study a fascinating history of the similarities as well as the differences of legal systems around the world at different time periods. To study comparative law is to become a master of history and to explore different angles of both the commoners as well as of the monarchs or even of the dictators that implemented each legal system. The study of comparative law is a growing industry due to the fact that individuals who are interested in globalization are also interested in exploring for aspects of a legal system worked or continues to work or even never worked. The goal of the study of comparative law is to explore a new legal system for the future that can be used to promote the idea of globalization. As this area of study grows, so do the number of experts within this area of exploration.

Of the many experts of comparative law, one individual stands out due to his determination as well as his rigorous researching efforts that have not gone unnoticed. This individual is named Sujit Choudhry, an individual who has had a passion for law even at a young age. Mr. Choudhry is an Indian native and grew up wanting to travel. His hard work and determination eventually earned him a spot to teach as well as the honor of being the first Indian to become the dean of a top school in the United States. This honor has motivated Sujit Choudhry to continue his teaching career in order to motivate even more individuals to be hard working and determined.

With several degrees in law as well as several teaching positions, Sujit Choudhry is considered to be an expert within the study of comparative law. As a native Indian, Choudhry is fascinated with the American legal system and continues to analyze the legal system in order to discover in what way the legal system works. Sujit Choudhry hopes that his conducted research will continue to inspire research in the future by not only his students, but by also his peers who are interested in comparative law.

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Whistleblowers Break their Silence on Security Violations

The American Congress enacted the revolutionary Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, in 2010. That was the most progressive overhaul of the U.S. financial regulations since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act particularly established a new whistleblowers program that enforces significant employment protection and monetary incentives for individuals who report the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concerning possible violations of federal security laws.

SEC Whistleblower Attorney in the U.S

The first law firm to respond to this historic legislation was the Labaton Sucharow Attorneys. They were the first to establish a legal practice exclusively focusing on the protection and advocating for SEC whistleblowers. The Labaton Sucharow has been the market leader in Securities Litigation, and that foundation provides whistleblowers with a strong representation. They have a world-class team of in-house investigators, forensic accountants, and financial analysts drawn from the federal and state law enforcement agencies across the nation. They offer exceptional representation for every whistleblower to ensure that their jobs are protected and incentives paid in full.

Lawyer Jordan A. Thomas who is a former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement is the lead SEC Whistleblower Lawyer. During his time at the SEC, Jordan led the development and enforcement of the Whistleblower Program. He participated in the drafting of the proposed legislation and the final implementation rules.

Incentives for SEC Whistleblowers

Under the new rules of the program, the Act requires SEC to pay eligible whistleblowers a 10-30% portion of the monetary sanctions recovered as a result of successful SEC enforcements, or, for actions where the penalties are above $1 million. Whistleblowers who meet those thresholds may also be eligible for additional awards depending on the monetary sanctions collected in similar actions by other law enforcement or regulatory bodies.

The Dodd-Frank Act also prohibits any retaliatory action by employers against their employees who report to SEC based on the program rules. Furthermore, whistleblowers may choose to report to SEC as anonymous persons when represented by attorneys so as to protect their image and guarantee them job security.

To access the SEC Whistleblower Program, the initial consultation, and case evaluation is free and confidential. The confidentiality is protected under the attorney-client privilege. During these initial consultations, individuals are not required to disclose personally identifying information including the names of suspected securities violators. However, it is strongly recommended to give the investigators clear information on where to begin. International whistleblowers may have access to translation services on request.

The First SEC Whistleblower Attorney; Enforcing the Act.

The passing by Congress, in 2010, of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act completely overhauled how financial regulation was to be enforced in the United States of America. It brought sweeping changes to these regulations that had never been witnessed in America for a long time. Individuals were encouraged to report violations of the federal securities laws to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). This Act established a Whistleblower program which offered financial initiative and employment protection to the whistleblowers.

Among the first law firms to take advantage of this Act was the Labaton Sucharow law firm. It initiated a practice which focused exclusively on the protection and advocacy for SEC whistleblowers. It utilized its securities litigation platform, the Whistleblower Representation Practice, that consists of a team of forensic accountants, financial analysts and investigators with experience in federal and state law enforcement, to provide protection to whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas, who played an instrumental part in the development of the whistleblower program, leads this team. He was also involved in the drafting of the proposed legislation including its final implementation rules. This puts him at the forefront in advocating as well as the enforcement of the Act.

The Act provides that whistleblowers be paid between 10% – 30% of the money collected as a result of a successful SEC enforcement action which exceeds the $1 million threshold. Additional awards are also envisaged in relation to money collected and brought by other regulatory and enforcement organizations. This incentive has the effect of encouraging individuals to report such violations and also discourages would-be violators from such acts. The act has the mechanism of protecting the whistleblower from retaliatory employers especially those who report to SEC in line with the existing rules and regulations. A whistleblower has the choice of reporting anonymously if he is represented by an attorney. Learn more:

To learn more about the program, an individual can request a case evaluation by contacting the SEC Whistleblower lawyers. This can be done either using the team’s website or through the mail and telephone calls. These consultations services are offered at no cost to the whistleblower. However, it is advisable that during the initial stages of the consultation an individual should not provide any personal or identifying information or the names of the violators. This can be done at an advanced stage later in the process.

Hire Ross Abelow For A Good Lawyer

For many people, a good lawyer is hard for them to come by. They may ask around to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to no avail when it comes to finding a lawyer that will work for them. Since this happens in a lot of cases, when they hear of a good lawyer in New York, they call them right away for what they need to have done.

What Makes A Lawyer Good?

A dedicated and educated lawyer that has the latest information is a good sign for a choice of representation. When a person is looking for a lawyer that they can work with well, they can usually find out in the consultation phase if they have a rapport with the lawyer. During the consultation phase, which is normally free, they will be able to tell if they can discuss issues openly and honestly with the lawyer. Since this is very important that they have this in place when they are going to proceed to a court case, they should make sure that they have a great rapport with their lawyer.

Ross Abelow Is A Fine Lawyer

In many cases, people in New York decide to hire Ross Abelow for their legal representation because of the rapport that they have with him. They can discuss the issues openly and honestly with him. He specializes in matrimonial and family law. Other areas that he handles are litigation and commercial law.

Ross Abelow’s Experience

Ross Abelow has been practicing law for over 20 years. He received an undergraduate degree from NYU, and he went on to the Brooklyn School of Law for graduation. Having handled a multitude of cases, he is extremely experienced and well respected in his field.

In New York, Ross Abelow is available for legal representation. People highly recommend him to others that may need his assistance for their legal needs. Because he cares about his clients, he will do everything in his power to make sure that the case works out in their favor.

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