Danny Ferry and Bruce Levenson and other former principals of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC have taken a civil action against New Hampshire Insurance Company accusing it of a breach of contract and an act in bad faith.
Levenson is a renowned business person. Presently, he is an executive officer and a member of the nominating and corporate governance committee in TechTarget, Inc. In his career, he has also held managerial positions in numerous firms including United Communications Group and Atlanta Spirit.

The lawsuit comes shortly after the sale of the basketball franchise in June 2015 to Ressler group. For this reason, the spokesperson of the current Atalanta Hawks Organization confirmed that they were aware of the lawsuit but that none of their official was involved.


The New Hampshire Insurance Company was sued after it failed to respond to a claim application that was filed on April 2015 by the former general manager of AHBE, Danny Ferry. On a discussion between Ferry’s lawyer and the insurance company’s management, the insurance company failed to give the reason as to why they could not respond to the application.

According to PR News, the AHBE’s lawsuit which was filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County, the insurance company was to be held liable for a breach of contract and insurance malpractice. They had failed to honor the promises made in their policy coverage. Besides, AHBE required that they receive 50% compensation from the company to cover the expenses of attorney fees and other related costs.

New Hampshire Insurance Company’s policy cover insured the company employees against losses resulting from employment practices like wrongful termination. An attorney from Barnes & Thornburg LLP, who representing AHBE’ former managers, said that their clients had substantial evidence that could lead to a successful enforcement since the filed claims were in accordance with the policy.

Source: brucelevenson.com