Eric Pulier Executive Chairman Soa Corporation is a well-known up front entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Eric Pulier has established numerous companies which include, Digital Evolution, Desketone, US Interactive, ServiceMesh and Media Platform among others. Most of the Prominent finance institutions worldwide venture into which Mr. Pulier has founded or co-founded which involves media presentations, Virtual Desktops, Enterprise cloud management, service oriented infrastructure (Soa) and enterprise professional management.

Eric Pulier brought up in Teaneck (New Jersey) got involved in computer programming while he was in his fourth grade. Surprisingly, due to his deep passion in the section, Pulier came up with a database computer company. Afterward, he moved on to his studies at Harvard University where he focused on English and American Literature. After his graduation, Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he established People Doing Things (PDT) firm which dealt with education, health care among other issues with the use of technology.

In 1997, Pulier was preferred by the official Inaugural Committee to come up the Presidential Technology Presentation known as The Bridge to 21st Century. Additionally, he took part in the Vice-President health care technology forum where he gave a piece of advice on health care based on technology effectiveness.

Pursuing English and American Literature, Mr. Pulier is a popular public speaker in various technology conferences. Moreover, he involved as a co-author in Understanding Enterprise SOA book. Eric Pulier supports several non-profitable organizations being in one of the board members of X-Price Foundation (Association to eliminate greatest social challenges) and the Painted Turtle (chronic illness camp).

In conclusion, Eric Pulier founded and co-founded firms have influence into million dollar investments making his successful through his passionate career. Moreover, Pulier got more active seeds in media and technology startups which most of them have resulted in success. Finally, Mr. Pulier is a dynamic father of four kids living in Los Angeles CA.

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