DACA Declines After Uplifting US Economy

Since 2012, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has helped many young men and women achieve what most would be considered only a dream. DACA is a program that gives a social security number, a pass on deportation, and the opportunity to work within the United States for youth that meets certain requirements. With many adults seeking better opportunities for their families, they bring their children against their will to the United States. Some participants even seek to attend college with the benefit of paying in-state tuition. These kids instead of being forced back and forth through a system and the border of Mexico instead are given an opportunity. However, certain individuals in the GOP are seeking to end this program once and for all.

Attorney General Ken Paxton along with eight other attorney generals and one governor wrote a letter to Trumps administration to end the program. A total of 800,000 face loss of all their benefits, even the worse case scenario of deportation. Those in the DACA program are called DREAMers. These DREAMers are contributing to the success of the United States immensely. Over 95 percent of DREAMers are employed or currently in some form of study. Their participation in colleges and universities across the United States brings in millions of dollars to those institutions. Many DREAMers have high earnings and pay high taxes. DREAMers are making investments for themselves and the country. By increasing the knowledge through more furthering their education. DREAMers are also purchasing big-ticket items such as cars and homes. Also, many DREAMers are creating their own business to provide resources for the very communities in which they reside.

There was a talk with the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to discuss cases in DACA with the hopes to stop the rescinding of the program. This meeting was held by individuals within the Hispanic Caucus. These individuals want DREAMers to not be afraid, but be alarmed that fighting back is necessary. One organization really working to make a change is the Frontera Fund.

Led by Lacey and Larkin Frontera, the Frontera Fund seeks to amass resources and money to help organizations that promote migrant rights the necessary funds to do so. They work for migrant rights, but also civil, human, as well as overall public participation. Mainly assisting Hispanics in Arizona they seek to aid other entities that will promote assistance for DREAMers nationawide.

DACA Program Is Facing Sustained Attacks From Politicians Of Red States

The sustained onslaught of DACA programs by Republican-leaning politicians has thrown young immigrants into a frenzy. The news that politicians might consider abolishing the DACA initiative has left many young immigrants in shock.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is one of the programs that is protecting undocumented youth with specific qualifications from deportation by the authorities. The initiative offers the young immigrants, social security numbers and a chance to get employed in the US. The temporary work permit is renewable every two years. Some states which are more welcoming, allow the immigrants to obtain a driver’s license and scholarship opportunities through the program.

The Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is one of the individuals who are hell bent on clawing back the gains that immigrants have made in the past few years. Recently, Ken Paxton sent a letter to the Trump administration requesting the government to abolish the DACA program. According to the AG, he will file suit against the state if his demands are not met. The AG suggests phasing out of the program systematically in a plan where new applications will not be accepted, and renewals will not be given any consideration.

Nine Attorney Generals from Republican-inclined states including one governor gave the nod to the letter.

A few days ago, the Hispanic Caucus held a meeting with Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly. The main agenda for the meeting was finding a way to protect a program that supports over 800,000 persons. Before the meeting, advocates of equal rights for immigrants had already sounded a warning on the future of DACA programs.

The DACA program is making its fifth anniversary. The initiative has helped thousands DACA beneficiaries lead a dignified life in the US. DACA beneficiaries contribute to the growth of the American economy. Many of them are law-abiding citizens who pay taxes to the federal government.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is one of the biggest backers of the DACA program. The charity has pledged to fight for the preservation of the DACA initiative. DACA beneficiaries and funders have staged protests across the United States to bring the attention of the nation to the planned onslaught on the program.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund was established against the backdrop of injustices meted on immigrants. The organization has supported numerous initiatives that seek to better the lives of immigrants.