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Bridget Scarr’s Journey to Creative Professional

Bridget Scarr is the founder of Colibri Studios and works as the executive producer. She is also a writer, musician, and songwriter. Colibri Studios is a company that develops content by collaborating with broadcasters and production partners.


Education and Career


Scarr is a graduate of Rhodes University. Between 2008 and 2015, she worked with other partners at Pollen Creative Media where she served as the managing director. During her time, the company’s experienced tremendous growth with the number of employees increasing from 5 to over 200. The company produced content for digital media, advertising, and broadcast companies among others.


In November 2016, she went to Berlin, Germany and co-founded another company, liveRe VR. The company develops audiences for VR and allows businesses to connect with audiences. She has produced advertisement, television, and animation content for over 15 years.


Bridget Scarr and Colibri Studios


Scarr got the idea about starting Colibri Studios while working as a TV producer. The company gave her the opportunity to develop creative content. Besides, all her ideas touching on exhibition projects, virtual reality, and the standard television projects among others are well taken care of at the company.


She derives idea on a project from its inspiration. In any project, she considers the influence of technology on users. She then looks at what is achievable and how technology can be involved. At this stage, an understanding of the history and essential landmarks about a project is critical. Lastly, she identify’s the right people to work with.


Scarr’s Advise on Succeeding as a Creative Professional


In recent years, many people are quitting the normal jobs for freelancing. Thanks to the internet. Here are important tips that Scarr, a successful creative professional, shares with those aspiring to follow her footsteps.


  • Understand the Essential Economic Sector</p>If you want to succeed in freelancing, understand the kind of competition and the opportunities available. Find a way of giving value to your services to become competitive. Interact with successful freelancers and learn about their story.· Create Your IdentityTo achieve this, develop your unique way of doing things. This may involve using new methods to find clients and even using social media. Develop a personalized website with your logo and email among others.· Make Sample ContentYou need to give confidence to your potential clients that you are a professional. Make high-quality samples to showcase your skills. Make sure your website has as many samples as possible.· Plan and CommunicateIdentify what your long-term plan. Develop a list of customers you would like to serve. Let the people know about your ideas. Promote your services without fear.

Understand the Essential Economic Sector

If you want to succeed in freelancing, understand the kind of competition and the opportunities available. Find a way of giving value to your services to become competitive. Interact with successful freelancers and learn about their story.


  • Create Your Identity


To achieve this, develop your unique way of doing things. This may involve using new methods to find clients and even using social media. Develop a personalized website with your logo and email among others.


  • Make Sample Content


You need to give confidence to your potential clients that you are a professional. Make high-quality samples to showcase your skills. Make sure your website has as many samples as possible.


  • Plan and Communicate


Identify what your long-term plan. Develop a list of customers you would like to serve. Let the people know about your ideas. Promote your services without fear.


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Meet Tony Petrello; the CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is one of the most successful people who have come from a humble family. Tony, the CEO of Nabors Industries has come from far, and he has made it through hard work and determination in life. He is an honest American, and on 2014 he was the most paid CEO in America. Tony believes in fairness, and he has been giving back to the society to assist the needy.

Tony was born and grew up in Newark, and he attended public schools as his parents were not that wealthy. Tony became famous in his home town as a result of having great mathematics abilities. Due to such skills, Tony received a scholarship from Yale University, and he was mentored by Professor Serge. He attained his bachelors and master’s degrees at Yale University, and he gained a lot of skill and knowledge from the institution.

After graduating from Yale University, Tony decided to enroll in Harvard Law School where he got a law degree. In 1979, Tony Joined Baker & McKenzie law firm where he worked until he met Nabors Industries, one of his clients. Nabors Industries were impressed by Tony’s services and efforts, and they decided to hire him as an executive business officer.

Nabors Industries is one of the largest oil and natural gas drilling which has dominated the drilling industry in America. Tony worked for nearly 30 years so that he can be the CEO of the firm. He worked hard to ensure the company was making maximum profit and he offered great leadership skills in his areas of supervision. In 2014, Tony was named the highest paid CEO, and this was as a result of his efforts and good work at Nabors Industries. He has helped the company grow through his long-term strategic plans and visions.

Anthony Petrello is married to Cynthia, who was his university girlfriend and they had a daughter in 1990 who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Carena, Tony’s daughter, could not eat anything solid until she was seven years and this made Tony offer help to children with neurological problems. He has been in the forefront in donating funds to hospitals and charity organizations. Tony also joined Texas Children’s Hospital board of trustees to enhance proper spending of the funds so that it can benefit the society.

It is evident that Tony Petrello achieved many things through hard work and intelligence. With good ethics at work and determination, Tony climbed up the ladder at Nabors Industries until he became the CEO of the big firm.

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Julia Jackson’s Excellence from Successful Wines to Executive Women Leadership

Julia Jackson works for Jackson Family Wines. The firm was founded in 1982 by her father, Jess Jackson. It is the company behind the famous luxury wine brand, Kendall-Jackson. Jackson Family Wines runs numerous wineries around the world. The company operates in North America, Australia, Chile, France, Italy and South Africa. Besides the Kendall-Jackson brand, the company offers other premium wines such as Anakota, Château Vignot, La Jota and Capensis among numerous other successful brands.

Julia Jackson has had a keen interest in the wine business since she was small. She used to work alongside her father in the grape fields and winery. This inculcated respect for hard work and discipline at an early age. She attended Scripps College based in California for a degree in studio art. She also attended Stanford Graduate School of Business for a course in general management.

Julia Jackson is creative; she is involved in the design of labels for wine bottles from the Cambria Estate Winery, a subsidiary of Jackson Family Wines. Through Cambria Estate Winery, she is also involved in the Seeds of Empowerment Program. This is a non-profit that celebrates women leadership in the community.

Cambria Winery is owned and run by women. They have achieved business success and hold corporate leadership positions. This is the guiding principle behind the non-profit. The leadership at Cambria celebrates their success and inspires others to strive for the same. It supports charities that encourage women leadership. The organization also supports communities living around the Santa Maria Valley.

Seeds of Empowerment runs a recurring annual grant of $100,000. It supports a local and an international charity that celebrates women who have succeeded in difficult situations. Julia Jackson also creates original watercolor paintings of the grant winners. These are printed on limited editions of bottles of wine from the Cambria Winery.


Rick Smith Drives Innovation in Securus Technologies

Richard A. Smith also called as Rick Smith is driving innovation in the correction and prison technology firm Securus Technologies as the Chief Executive Officer of it. Since his appointment as the top executive officer of the company in 2008, it saw rampant changes in its strategies and started focusing on the long-term growth of the firm. His innovation drive in technology and law enforcement helped the firm to win a number of patents in corrections and law enforcement. It should be noted that the firm has achieved 36 patents in the last three years and the credit for this achievement shows the influential leadership of Rick and his visionary initiatives. Incidentally, he expanded the size of the firm’s R&D team and added more software developers into the firm, and this has paid well with the results.

Interestingly, the services offered by the firm also expanded and more popularized under him. The family and friends’ services, investigative solutions, monitoring solutions, corrections solutions, and public safety solutions have been used by both individuals and government organizations. Apart from driving innovation in his firm, Rick also ensures shaping the industry as a whole. He brings practical solutions that can address the needs of inmates and law enforcement divisions alike. His commitment made the firm to contribute $1.3 Billion to Jail, Prison and Government funding during the last ten years. Under family and friends services, the inmate calls to their family and friends crossed 1,000,000 on the Christmas day shows how successful the firm’s VoIP calling platform. He helped the firm to develop the industry’s first inmate services operating system called ConnectUs.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick was working as the CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. During his nine-year term in the firm, he helped it to grow its revenue from $30 million to around $350 million with an EBITDA margin of $80 million and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 48%. Rick also helped the Eschelon to make a successful IPO in 2005. Before assuming the role of CEO in the firm he was the Chief Operating Officer of the firm for three years. Rick also worked as the Chief Financial Officer of the firm. Interestingly, his exceptional services to Eschelon helped him to grab the CEO role at Securus Technologies, as the board members of Securus were impressed with his contributions to Eschelon. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Regarding his education, Rick completed his graduation and masters in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. He completed his Associate’s Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and did his MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick Smith has vast experience in various industries and sectors. He worked in telecom, operations, IT, finance, business development, and more. During the initial years of his career, Rick also worked with Global Crossing North America Inc.

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David Osio’s Firm Launches a New App, “Davos CAP Calculator”

Davos Financial Group’s subsidiary, Davos Real Estate Group (REG), launched a new app called “Davos CAP Calculator.” Based on Davos REG’s executives, the app will help in estimating returns on real estate investments. REG is the largest company in Venezuela, and it specializes in providing financial advice. The executive director of this company is Gerard Gonzalez. For close to six months, Gonzalez and Company Tecknolution have been working together to develop the app.


REG’s new app bears the latest technology and is compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. According to the company’s officials, more apps are in the development process. These applications will enable clients to find properties and subsequently send property reports to Davos agents. David Osio congratulated Davos REG for its achievement and added that the new app would streamline business transactions. Aside from calculating investment returns, the app also serves as a mortgage calculator. It can assess and calculate mortgage balance and its associated interest rates. Additionally, Davos REG looks forward to expanding its business globally.


David Osio: Education, Career, and Philanthropy


David Osio is a Venezuelan national and head of Davos Financial Group. He studied at Catholic University Andres Bello. He later majored in international banking law at IESA. Prior to establishing Davos Financial Group, Osio worked as the executive principal of OPED Enterprise. He got a job at Letco Commercial Companies where he was in charge of the marketing division. In 1984, Osio took up another job at MGO, a law firm in Caracas. While working at MGO, he got a chance to interact with corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank. This position allowed him to acquire skills such as portfolio management, strategic planning, investment banking, and asset management.


In 1989, Osio was promoted to VP of commercial banking at Banco Latino International. At this bank, he was in charge of managing private banking operations and corporate clients. Four years later, he established Davos Financial Group, a company that offers financial guidance to clients. Osio has facilitated the growth of this entity from its infancy to a trusted global service provider. Davos Financial Group’s growth is seen through its increased annual revenue and establishment of branches in Miami, Geneva, Panama City, and New York. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Osio is also a philanthropist. Through his group of companies, he donates to the UMA Foundation, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Fundana Foundation and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation.

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The Success of Sujit Choudhry

To study comparative law is to study a fascinating history of the similarities as well as the differences of legal systems around the world at different time periods. To study comparative law is to become a master of history and to explore different angles of both the commoners as well as of the monarchs or even of the dictators that implemented each legal system. The study of comparative law is a growing industry due to the fact that individuals who are interested in globalization are also interested in exploring for aspects of a legal system worked or continues to work or even never worked. The goal of the study of comparative law is to explore a new legal system for the future that can be used to promote the idea of globalization. As this area of study grows, so do the number of experts within this area of exploration.

Of the many experts of comparative law, one individual stands out due to his determination as well as his rigorous researching efforts that have not gone unnoticed. This individual is named Sujit Choudhry, an individual who has had a passion for law even at a young age. Mr. Choudhry is an Indian native and grew up wanting to travel. His hard work and determination eventually earned him a spot to teach as well as the honor of being the first Indian to become the dean of a top school in the United States. This honor has motivated Sujit Choudhry to continue his teaching career in order to motivate even more individuals to be hard working and determined.

With several degrees in law as well as several teaching positions, Sujit Choudhry is considered to be an expert within the study of comparative law. As a native Indian, Choudhry is fascinated with the American legal system and continues to analyze the legal system in order to discover in what way the legal system works. Sujit Choudhry hopes that his conducted research will continue to inspire research in the future by not only his students, but by also his peers who are interested in comparative law.

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Utopia in the Modern World

In an equal state there is no need for worry about stereotyping or for bias to take place. Unfortunately this Utopian society does not exist; it is a fantasy world created from fictional minds in order to entertainment the hopes of readers. The real world is filled with unequal treatment and unfair shifts in morality. In order to try and fight against these issues in the United States and to offer better investment and financial deals to individuals who identify themselves as being members of minority groups, David Osio and his company, Davos Financial Group, seeks to reform the status qou and make America more accommodating for everyone.

David Osio is from an interesting background in Venezuela, where he studied hard and earned a degree in law. Practicing his trade in his home country, Osio was able to quickly understand the importance of equality and the rights of individuals from every background and social position. Thinking that he could do a lot of good Osio moved to Miami, Florida, where he began to develop and form Davos Financial Group in 1993.

Osio planned on using Davos Financial as a hub for Hispanic Americans to hire in order to represent them in regards to financial decisions. Such important topics as housing prices, whether or not to try and receive a loan for beginning a small business, and of course different options for investment opportunities are only a number of financial decisions that Osio and his firm offers advice for. Do to their aggressive way of handling deals, Davos Financial Group is able to become the voice of their clients and assist them in finding equal ground in a country that does not seem them normally as equals when it comes to financial responsibility or position.

The work that Osio and Davos Financial Group has done has allowed Hispanic Americans to know that regardless of what position in life they may perceive to have they will always have someone to stand up for them. Equal rights has not yet completely appeared for these citizens but thanks to Osio the bright sun of prosperity and togetherness is just around the corner and much can be thanked for something of this caliber.

Bruce Levenson: A Leader in Business

Bruce Levenson is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen in the U.S. Since his early childhood in Chevy Chase, MD, Bruce has earned his law degree from American University and worked as a journalist for the Washington Star.

His education and career success led him into the world of big business. Bruce became a co-founder of United Communications Group in 1977 and pursued other business ventures. In 2015, he became the director of TechTarget, Inc., which seeks to find better ways of connecting technology with business. His business savvy and commitment to hard work have helped him amass a substantial net worth.

According to ESPN, one of Bruce’s most remarkable business ventures was the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. In 2014, he decided to sell his share of the team to businessman Anthony Ressler for a reported $730 million.

In addition to all of his work in the corporate world, Bruce has also found the time to give back through his charitable efforts. He has volunteered to help the Hoop Dreams Foundation, the I Have a Dream Foundation and other philanthropic organizations. He has also donated money to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and helped to open the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.

Why Coworking Spaces In New York Just Might Be Future Workers’ Greatest Assets


There just might be coming a day soon when offices and cubicles become a thing of the past. Well, offices in the traditional sense of the word. Because now many millennials entering the workforce are starting to use what’s called coworking spaces or shared office space. Many coworking spaces do have private offices included that can be rented for higher prices, but most people are all right with working in open spaces in lounges or café-style setups since it’s cheaper and allows them communicate with those around them. New York is one place where coworking spaces are starting to really take off since it’s a major city and a New York shared office space provides a real opportunity for people to start business networking.

One benefit to using coworking spaces is that many of them don’t have leases that come with the rent. You simply signup during the months that you want access to the facility and pay for that month, but you can terminate your use any time. Also most coworking spaces have high speed reliable internet, compared to the more slow versions you get with residential internet, and they also usually come with office equipment and mail service to make people’s jobs easier. One reason why coworking spaces are becoming preferable to working at home is that having people around creates less feelings of isolation, and you can have 24/7 access to the building as compared to a library or coffee shop.


One great New York shared office space facility is Workville. This facility is located in the heart of Manhattan, and it’s not hard to get to via public transportation going either to Times Square or Wall Street. Workville is a luxury company with furnished offices to rent, and all the amenities including high-grade Wi-Fi, printing machines, coffee makers, and around-the-clock cleaning service. At this New York shared office space you can work during the day, but also reserve conference rooms, host parties and functions, or catch a breath of fresh air out on the terraces. To find out more about Workville, you can go to

Bob Reina’s Creation At Talk Fusion Has Changed Communication Forever

Bob Reina is the technical genius behind the Talk Fusion brand, and he created Talk Fusion to fill the void in video conferencing and email that existed in his industry. He wanted all his customers to have something that is simple to use, and he created Talk Fusion as a platform that anyone may train their employees to use. His system helps in several ways, and it provides a platform for simplified communication.

The offices that are spread out around the world need to bring their people together here and there to talk about what they are doing. The plans that are made over electronic media must be discussed in a personal setting, and video chatting with Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion is very simple. Anyone in the office may sign into Talk Fusion and job the conversation.

Video chatting is helpful when a company is spread out of over thousands of miles, but there also comes a time when ideas must be shared over email in video form. Video formatting is easy to manage in Talk Fusion, and an email may be sent out to everyone in the office with a video attached. Video email is useful because it allows people to talk with their hands while they share their ideas. They may use their own words, and there is no hassle with typing.

Bob Reina’s subscription service at Talk Fusion helps offices every day when they choose to share ideas and meet as a team. Video meetings are simple to create, and video emails are simple to watch and respond to. A video email chains may be created in Talk Fusion, and the system will send the emails to anyone who must see them. Bob Reina created something that is easy for all office workers to use in all work situations.